sx 850 psboard Q10 trans.

Discussion in 'Pioneer Audio' started by Gorancho, Oct 12, 2017.

  1. Gorancho

    Gorancho New Member

    I am recaping and changing transistors on sx 850.
    started with power supply board awr 101 c
    help about Q10 needed.
    AWR-101: Q10: 2SC869 is to be replaced by 512-KSC2383YTA which is NPN ecb.
    is this correct?
    is original 2SC869 also ecb? or is it bce??

    when i look at the service manual as well as on the board itself, and follow the rule lettering facing you, leads pointing down, going left to right, then it looks like 2SC869 is not ecb?

    should i put 512-KSC2383YTA by following symbol on the board?
    attached picture to help.


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  2. hertzdonut

    hertzdonut Press Play and Stand Back Subscriber

    Claremont, NH
    Hey, Gorancho, your lucky day. I redid an 850 a couple of years ago, and even have a photo of Q10 on AWR-101. 2383 is indeed the replacement. The only thing I can't tell you is the orientation of 2SC869.

    Good luck!

    - Jeff

  3. Gorancho

    Gorancho New Member

    thanks that is what i need. pic tells more than thousand words :)

    just to ask you did you replace Q 1,2,8,9 ? are they known for defects?
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  4. larryderouin

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    Glen Burnie Md.
  5. mattsd

    mattsd AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Cincinnati, Ohio
    Yes, you can follow the symbol on the board for orientation of the 2383. The 2sc869 is BCE left to right, opposite of the 2383 which is ECB.

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