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    I have determined I want to recap a sx-980. I own a very cherry unit I bought from the 1st owner. I just bought another one on eBay last week for a good price. It is a lot dirtier and will be perfect to practice on. I was thinking about getting the caps from the At least for the first recap, if I do a good job on the first 980 I may consider doing my nicer 980. Any tips or recommendations? Any no nos? I work at a place that we do board level repair on Cisco networking equipment. They gear they solder on makes the circuit boards on the 70s stereo gear look like child’s play. What I am saying is I have help and teachers able to assist.

    It is unreal how the first unit almost looks new while the second one isn’t bad, it just wasn’t kept as nice. Corrosion on the rcas etc.

    I bought the second 980 so that I could recap the 980 while listening to the other one!
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