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Systems for Grand kids?

Discussion in 'Fisher' started by larryderouin, Nov 10, 2017.

  1. larryderouin

    larryderouin Turn it UP, POP? PLLUUEEEZZZZZEE Subscriber

    Glen Burnie Md.
    Since the wife died 3 weeks ago, I've been rummaging thru my gear and have come to the conclusion I have too much for me to rotate on a regular basis.

    My bedroom system is a SX-737, Dual 1249 , and a pair of NLA's. I have a pair of KG-2's as "B" speakers when I get tired of the NLA's.

    Living room is a FISHER Setup. '65 FUTURA Console under the TV facing my recliner 7 ft away. If it sells I'll put the '64 Custon Electra in it's place. The '63 Executive is too big for that wall.

    Dining room is also FISHER. X-101-B Int Amp, KM-60 tuner,SL-1200(1st iteration with Servo drive), AKAI GX-737D, Pioneer PDM-403 CD Changer (6 pack in cartridge.) and a pair of Kanazawa 3CUFT ported cabinets with Bozak 12" Woofers, Coral Mid (5") and Coral Horn Tweeter. Everything except the speakers are sitting on the '63 Exec.
    Plus 4 more FISHER Mono and Stereo consoles around the 1st floor of the house.

    ANYWAY back to the problem.
    My Grand-Daughter is 6 and has a KLH-20 system I gave her for her 1st birthday. She is now and has been proficient at all functions of the KLH-20. Her 2 brothers (10 in July & 5 in January) are constantly bugging her about it, wanting to use it. She's like a lioness with new cubs with it. She asked me Wednesday, if I had something to keep the boys from getting near her system.

    As William uses my 63 Executive Console (800c/Garrard Type A MKII, Ampex 1250 R2R) when he comes over almost as an obcession, and Aiden is very good with my SX-737 and the SL-1200, I figured it's about time they all had their own systems. Initially they'll get a receiver, turntable and speakers, plus cables to hook up mp3 players to AUX on the receiver. (hope they aren't proprietary and I can make them).
    So this is what I've come up with preliminarily.

    The R2R decks come later with cassette decks (if i have enough cassette decks that work well)
    Aiden (9.4)
    FISHER 700-T
    Garrard 40 Turntable Pickering V15 ATE Type
    TEAC A-4010-GSL R2R
    Scott S-15 speakers with S-10 Grille cloth (off white for the 10's and orange/red for the 15's)
    The 400-T I have is now a parts carcass now, as the 250-TX and 160-T have varactor tuning. If I can find a varactor unit for a 500TX and or a 800-T I'd swap the 500-TX in.

    Annabelle (6.5)
    FISHER 250-TX
    Garrard Zero-100 Turntable Pickering V15 ATE Type Annabelle is very good with the Zero-100. Better than me as her hands don't shake at times.
    TEAC A-4010-GS R2R
    KLH 17 Speakers She's in her own room, so she won't have interference from brothers as long as door is closed. I found the 250-TX and the 17's are a very good match.

    William (5 in January)
    FISHER 160-T
    Garrard Auto-Slim turntable with Pickering V-15 ATE Type.
    Akai GX-4000D
    Minimus 7's. As he likes nearfield the minimus 7's are ideal. Plus the 160-T is minimalist along with the Auto-Slim. The largest item would be the R2R altho the GX-4000D is fairly small. A pair of headphones are ideal for this setup.

    All are below 35Wpc rms. But in the house they live in it's close and any cranking the volume will rattle the neighbor's eyeteeth.

    I think all the systems are good starter systems for them. As they get older I've got receivers with more power for all of them and even some tube stuff. But for right now, low power, easy to setup stuff is the order of the day.

    Dorcas spoiled them. I dote on them. Spoiling time just went into HIGH GEAR!!! CHRISTMAS or Birthday's. Birthdays are in January, June and July. So this would give me time to check everything out and get everything up to snuff (not that it isn't, but you never know!).
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  2. Tim D

    Tim D AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Melbourne, FL

    A couple of thoughts...

    Can you adopt me?

    You are a wonderful grandfather. I know this is about love. You are giving pieces of yourself in doing that.

    Wow are they young. Will they appreciate it? Will they keep them for years? Does that matter to you? If they know what those mean to you then maybe they will understand or at least have their own special feelings about it.

    Are the systems reliable and ready to give them years of good service? Silly question because I know you, but sometimes the tech isn't cooperative.....

    R2R and turntables? Hmmm. Would they find any music in their own genre's to play on those formats? My tastes were very different than my parents. I don't know what my grandparents tastes in music were. I'm just saying... The tech might not match what they want to listen to - if that matters.

    Giving is so much more than receiving. The grandkids may not know that, but we do. :beerchug:
  3. dcgillespie

    dcgillespie Fisher SA-100 Clone Subscriber

    Ball Ground, GA
    I applaud your effort Larry. I learned real fast when my dad passed away that it surely would have been best if he had dealt with his voluminous library before he became too old to do so. My brother and I have completely different interests from that which his library represented, making it quite a burden to know what was best to do with all the books he had. We finally got it all resolved, but I learned right then and there that I would not burden my kids with all my stuff that they would have no clue what to do with, or any idea for honest value of after I'm gone. Therefore, I am preparing now to start thinning out many of my things throughout the year next year. Oh, I'll still have plenty of stuff for myself and for interested family as they grow up. But, I figure if I haven't used it in the last 10 years, I probably won't use it in the next 10, so it gets moved on -- one way, or another!

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  4. gadget73

    gadget73 junk junkie Subscriber

    Southern NJ
    This sounds like an excellent idea. I've also got more stuff than I use, and I'd rather give it to someone who will appreciate it than to continue to let it gather dust here. I don't have kids or any siblings so its not like I have immediate family to pass this stuff to. Maybe its time to find out of my cousin's kids would have any interest in stereo stuff.

    As for the mp3 player thing, most all of them have a headphone jack and 3.5mm to RCA cables can be had for peanuts. I bought a couple at the flea market over the summer for $1 each.
  5. Rob Thomas

    Rob Thomas Active Member

    Boone, NC
    You are a good Grandfather Larry. These kids will associate quality music and stereo gear with you forever. What a great legacy! My wife and I don't have children, but I have six nieces and nephews. My brother has the stereo bug like I do and has a Marantz 4400 that was his father-in-laws. His kids will be fine. My nieces and nephews from my wife's side however, could use some attention. And Christmas is coming up... This is getting the juices flowing. :idea:
  6. larryderouin

    larryderouin Turn it UP, POP? PLLUUEEEZZZZZEE Subscriber

    Glen Burnie Md.
    Thanks guys. They all like Pink Floyd, some Beach Boys, Annabelle likes Nat king Cole, and Johnny Mathis (of all things!). I've got a couple of Organ albums (Virgil Fox Heavy organ, and a recital at the Riverside Church in NYC in the 60's that is just a blast!) and Aiden likes those, especially when sitting up against the speaker and they hit those 32' bass tubes. Will likes just about anything that allows him to Shake, Rattle and Roll.

    Tim. No I won't adopt you, unless you're housebroken better than the dog. I understand about the medium problem with almost none of the younger set recording to LP or Tape. But with a R2R, just take it off the FM broadcast. They're used to listening to 100% compressed stuff so it won't change any. But if they get some decent music on the TT, and Record it to Tape, THAT is a TREAT! Now you got me thinking.....I think I'll make a mix tape for each of them with the stuff they listen to here.

    And Dad(No. 1 son) thinks his 90's Kenwood is the shiznizzle. CRAP! Any of the kids systems will blow the doors off his junk! LOL! Wait till they get a 400 or 800c, or even the X-101-B with the KM-60, playing thru the Bozaks in those Kanazawa cabinets. Holy SHITE.

    I think they'll appreciate them. Every time they come over each one picks a system he/she wants to listen to and I stuporvise operation. So far they are doing great after a few false starts, but they picked it up faster than I did. I've got a spare KLH 20 setup in the spare bedroom for them to play if they want and Annabelle usually plays that or the '64 Electra's phono. Will gravitates to the Executive and Aiden waits his turn for the X-101-B setup as it's on the Exec. They swap turns when they come over, and they are really good about it. They'll pick out records, load them, turn on the system, flip over when it's done, then when 2nd side is done wipe the record down with a microfiber cloth. and put it back in the sleeve and jacket. I've got a good feeling about them using the gear right at home as Annabelle has with her KLH 20. She started about 2 and learned it bit by bit. By 4 she was doing everything as long as mom, dad or pop supervised. No problems except for small hands. But she wipes them down afterward. So I don't have any qualms about the boys either.


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  7. Tim D

    Tim D AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Melbourne, FL
    Gosh Larry. You've got it all sorted and the grandkids already know their way around quality stuff. I am housebroken, but I can see that you already have your hands full.

    I'm starting to put together stuff for my kids. Gave my son and his wife a set of KLH 17's earlier in the year. Got a Dual 1226 turntable to give to a good friend when I see him.
  8. Shadowdog

    Shadowdog Super Member

    Flin Flon, Manitoba
    Yes your a great Grandfather Larry! Nice plan!

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