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Discussion in 'AKFest 2007' started by Kegger, Mar 27, 2007.

  1. Kegger

    Kegger R.I.P. 1/12/1966 - 6/1/2017 Super Mod

    I did not get a lot of time to travel outside of my own room but I made it the
    point to get to all rooms and spend some time in rooms where I knew people.

    For me the Salk speakers art to behold in both looks and sound, I like magies
    and found the Audio Dimensions ARC/Magie combo great, Brian B is way cool
    and so his choice in the gear, not sure the company but there was a very cool
    tube amp with servos and toroidal outputs plus computer controlled at one end
    of the complex I found awsome both in sound and technology, a few of the other
    profesioinal setups I liked quite well to. (sorry can't remember them all)

    A few of the new AK guy's I got to hear both Speedle and Doc Brown did some
    out of the ordinary setups that truly appitimize what AK is all about, congrats!

    I didn't get much time in RichPa's room and I really really wanted to, what was
    there was some excelent sounding stuff. Sorry Rich!

    Craig/Nosvalves had his new stereo amp and horn setup tweaked out to the hilt
    where it was probably my favorite sounding rig of his to date, it was working good!

    (ED got his main amp finished truly just days before the fest, great job ED)
    ED/Squidward was rockin up some tunes I thought just sounded killer on some
    polk 10's with amps very simular to my own where I asked him to keep a look
    out for a pair for me (we may be able to work something out), Terry/Mrclassicman
    I've heard his system quite a bit and it always sounds nice but his latest speakers
    I was not a fan of when I heard them the first time but what I heard at the fest was
    an awsome sounding rig along with his new wicked cool DIY amps. MR. Dan/Cosmos
    had an interesting introduction to AK fest with "flying speakers" and an amp mishap
    (not the amps fault but previous owner) to where we had to get some help from AK
    members like (Squid/Retro/Nosvalves) then Van Alstine came through in spades to
    set Dan up with all new electronics that brought his system a new level, RetroStereo's
    Spec and AR9 combo I liked quite well (want some of those speakers). What can I say
    that has not been said about our Michigan version of "Wardsweb", Markus111 allways
    makes great looking and sounding equipment his DIY Heil based speakers were in a
    league of there own and his amps sounded great as well, I was lucky enough to get
    to sneak my "new" franken amp into his system to check it out and was very happy!

    (Thought this needed to be in the fest posting area)


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  2. wajobu

    wajobu Boing Boom Tschak Subscriber

    Excellent Kegger--thanks!

    I'll make next year...NEXT YEAR!!
  3. luvvinvinyl

    luvvinvinyl Lily! Staff Member Admin Subscriber

    South of Detroit
    You had better, sir. You don't want me to go down there and drag you up here.
  4. Markus111

    Markus111 Big Horns & Many Tubes Subscriber

    SE Michigan
    Thanks for the kind words Paul - it's always a pleasure to keep company with you and the gang. And your frankenamp is truly a wolf in sheeps clothing. You've got me seriously thinking about a pair of 6bg6 monoblocs for next year. I've got these transformers just burning a hole in my pocket.......

  5. thebirdscarer

    thebirdscarer New Member

    In the limited time I had at the fest, I found the laidback atmosphere of Kegger's,Mrclassicman and Markus111 rooms very AudioKoolma. I respect the DIY knowledge and skills of these fine gentlemen and was impressed with their work. Also I got to thank Echowars for the know-how that he adds to the site. Doc Brown's room was right up my alley --- playing Wishbone Ash's Pilgrim on his EV SentryIII's in a hotel room was a hoot! STRANGELY, Strawman said his room was on a different floor and had icy cold beer...this also SOUNDED good to me.
  6. Doc Brown

    Doc Brown Active Member

    I liked the Wishbone Ash as much as you did. Glad you brought that by.

    Thanks for the encouragement Kegger. Your rig sounded great.


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