Technics abandons DVD-A and launches its first SACD player!

Discussion in 'Digital Sources' started by soundboy, Aug 29, 2018.

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    Google translation....

    Panasonic exhibited SACD / network player prototype as a prototype of a new product of the Technics brand at the company's booth at IFA 2018.

    The model number has not been decided yet, and it is said that the release time is scheduled for the spring to the summer of 2019. Although it has not decided the price, since it is a product of the Grand class, Technics CTO 's Tetuya Ida said that it will appear in the same price range as the same series product.

    Panasonic's first SACD playback machine, which supports single / hybrid 2ch playback. DVD audio can not be played.

    It can be used not only as SACD but also as a network player, with Wi-Fi installed. In addition to supporting AirPlay, it also has a Bluetooth receiver function.

    Besides playing high resolution sound source, it also corresponds to MQA. It also supports Chromecast Built-In. You can also stream Spotify, TIDAL, Internet radio stations.

    Arrange the drive mechanism in the center of the body. In addition to the display, on the right side is equipped with a jog dial for multi-control which covers headphone volume and input switching etc. with one, playback system buttons and so on.

    In addition to the power button, headphone output, USB terminal are equipped on the left side of the case. On the back side, in addition to providing 2-channel 2-channel audio output terminals with RCA unbalance and XLR balance, both digital input / output terminals are equipped with one optical / coaxial system.

    Since it is not yet decided on model number, it seems that it will still take time until its appearance, but as a player who can play SACD for the first time as Panasonic, it seems to be a topic.



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    Ummmm, so it plays SACD (which is great) but not in 5.1?

    Honestly at this point, I dont know why new CD players are still being made. If the hi res format of choice is Blu-ray, why dont manufacturers focus on making blu-ray players that also play other formats? (I know that different lasers etc may be involved).
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