Technics SL 1300 and Nagaoka MP-110?

Discussion in 'Turntables' started by Poultrygeist, Jan 13, 2018.

  1. Poultrygeist

    Poultrygeist Lunatic Member

    I'm considering an MP-110 for my SL 1300 which has the original head shell. Since the MP-110 appears to be a rather tall cart and my table has no heigth adjustment should I anticipate any issues? My head shell has the single screw on top with sliding spacers underneath. I've seen this combination on youtube but the SL 1300 is using an SL 1200 head shell?


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  2. hoodie

    hoodie AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Monmouth County
    The MP-110 is a perfect match :thumbsup:
  3. bigx5murf

    bigx5murf Super Member

    Las Vegas
    I've got a SL-1500 that has the same issues with no tonearm height adjustment. I've since put it in storage and replaced it with one that does. But prior, I used 2 different height mats specifically to deal with this.

    My thick mat was SFTG120-01 and the thin mat was RGS0008
  4. bobins08

    bobins08 AK Subscriber Subscriber

    St. Louis, MO

    The MP 110 will sound great on that table, you can always optimize with mat thickness. The MP 110 is one of the best in its price class. You can later upgrade to the 200 stylus as I have and it’s will be a significant upgrade.
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