Tell Me About The MEN220.

Discussion in 'McIntosh Audio' started by Wayniac, Apr 16, 2018.

  1. Wayniac

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    Dunnellon, Florida
    I’ve been reading posts about the McIntosh MEN220. I think I want one.

    My system consists of a Mac Mini music server feeding a McIntosh C48 via USB. The preamp outputs feed MC30s and a MC2100 in a passive biamp configuration driving a pair of JBL 250TIs.

    The MEN220 provides two features which interest me; The active two-way crossover and the room correction. My listening room, like many, is a compromise. I have a nasty peak at 40hz, and a side wall/window reflection issue. I’ve added some curtains to tame the side wall reflections and it has helped, but could be better.

    What concerns me, is adding another component to the chain. I prefer less...does the MEN220 perform corrections digitally or in the analog domain?

    Any and all comments are welcome regarding experiences with this device. Thanks!
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  2. kevzep

    kevzep Its all about the Music Subscriber

    The MEN does everything in the Digital domain, so there is a conversion in and conversion out.

    Well if you want more like room correction and crossover, its difficult to do that without adding something.

    I use the MEN220 for exactly that, room correction and crossover, I love it, system is well balanced and tight.

    I feel the MEN is an excellent addition to any system where you want to get the system right in the room, every room has issues and the MEN does a great job of "sorting it out"....
    I would not be without my one!!
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  3. feinstei

    feinstei AK Member Subscriber

    Does the MEN220, since it uses RoomPerfect, simply duplicate the functionality of the McIntosh multi-channel controllers such as the MX-151 etc which also use RoomPerfect or does the MEN220 offer something additional?
  4. Velocityboat

    Velocityboat Super Member

    MX150/151 due crossoverand submanagement plus HT decoding and room perfect correctiion for up to 9 speakers. So 5 MEN220s in one box.

    A Lyngdorf RPA1 or TDA2200 will do save things as MEN220.

    I have been using RoomPerfect nearly 4 years and loveit.

    The used MX150 I just bought does everything well for not much more than a MEN220.

    I did some before and after RTA plots in my XR290 thread. The merits of RP are amazing to be able to distinguish details buried in muddied up reflections.
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