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    Sut 1.jpg Sut 1.jpg This SUT is essentially the same as Bob's Devices 1134 SUT.
    This unit uses Ultra High quality laminations, lower inductance & superior sound. Construction & precision manufacturing process of the SUT's can only be done by David Geren at CineMag in the USA.
    These specially designed transformers are wired to connect a MC cart to a MM phono pre.
    Switchable for 1:20 (26 dB gain) or 1:40 (32 dB gain).
    Into a standard 47k phono preamp, the effective input impedance of the low gain (1:20 ratio) is 118 ohms.

    You would not believe the impact this SUT has on a Denon103 or Shelter 502, unbelievable improvement

    Price 370 Pounds sterling + 15 Pounds for postage

    See Reviews
    Using the 1254 made a big impact on the sound. With the SUTs in place, the soundstage opened up & bloomed. The relatively flat delivery of the XPS-1 was replaced with a more palpable sense of dimensionality around each instrument. The perceived size of the soundstage increased about 50%. Tonality took on smoother, silkier textures with airier, more extended highs.
    The most impressive thing is the increase in dynamic range. This is puzzling, as this is not an active device, but the truth is in the listening. I have had passive preamps that compressed the dynamics noticeably. The hum/noise level is also very low, Low level detail retrieval is great.
    I am amazed. Everything is better bass, high frequency extension, low level detail, air, blackness, sound stage both width and depth, especially noticeable are the improvement in transients and overhang.
    My vinyl collection contains musical information heretofore unheard by me. The detail is astounding without a hint of analytical fatigue. Bass is tight and “right.” The midrange is sublime with ‘cellos, voices, oboes,

    Note - This item ships from my house in China. Item is shipped via surface mail,can take up to 4 to 6 weeks to arrive

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