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    A few of us have been chatting about our favorite Live FM Jazz "Shows" and where to find them, so it was decided that we'd keep a list of them. This is NOT simply a generic list of stations that broadcast Jazz, but a list of particular LIVE JAZZ SHOWS that a station is producing for broadcast.

    These are shows that have a LIVE On-Air Personality that is choosing what to play and conversing with the audience - i.e., actually talking about the music he/she is playing. If the show is syndicated, pre-recorded, or canned from a network source, I have made note of that. There are some excellent "live" shows that are pre-recorded, so those are good to list as well.

    If you currently listen to a live Jazz show via terrestiral radio, please feel free to list it. If you just want to give kudos to a Jazz station that you listen to, that's fine as well. All comments are welcome as long as they pertain to a station that is playing Jazz.

    Here are the shows I currently listen to with links to the websites and day/time that the show airs including notes on each show;



    All times Eastern;

    8:00 AM - Weekends with Alan Rock on WUCF - www.wucf.org (note 1)

    12:00 PM - Jazz on the Beach with Jack Simpson - www.wucf.org (note 2)

    4:00 PM - Gifts and Messages with Dr. Jazz - www.whyr.org (also available on Mixcloud) (note 3)

    All times Eastern;

    2:00 PM - Jazz Night in America with Christian McBride on WCBE - www.wcbe.org (Note 4)

    3:00 PM - Jazz Sunday with Jack Marchbanks and KC Jones on WCBE - www.wcbe.org (Note 5)
    (This show runs 3 hours and OVERLAPS CJRT's Big Band Jazz Show by 1 hour)

    5:00 PM - Big Band Jazz Show with Glen Woodcock on CJRT - www.jazz.fm (Note 6)
    (This show runs 5 hours and OVERLAPS WLRN's Night Train Jazz Show by 2 hours)

    8:00 PM - Night Train Jazz with Uncle Ted Grossman on WLRN - www.wlrn.org (Note 7)

    All times Eastern

    10:00 PM - Radio Deluxe with John Pizzarelli on CJRT - www.jazz.fm (also available on Mixcloud) (Note 8)
    This is a syndicated show and can be found on other Jazz stations as well at differnt times



    For all of these shows, you can stream directly from the websites or from 3rd party applications like Tunein. Some stations also stream via Apple Radio and are uploaded for playback to Mixcloud.com. WUCF streams in very high quality (I believe 256kbps) and you will notice this. The others stream between 64kpbs and 128kbps.

    1.) Alan Rock is a hoot, I'm guessing his age at 75 plus years. He's very Jazz savvy. He runs a "fun" show. He plays Jazz, tells corny jokes, and he asks trivia questions where you call in to answer them, He loves when you call him. I've called him from Hawaii a few times and he likes it when "streaming listeners" call in from thousands of miles away, and he mentions that you called on the air. This is a really fun Jazz show. Yes, he plays great Jazz too.

    2.) Jack Simpson sounds like he is as old as dirt. If I had to guess, I'd say 80 years old plus. But the man knows GREAT Jazz and knows just about all the background about every album and cut he plays. I truly enjoy his show.

    3.) Poppachubby turned me on to this show last year. Dr. Jazz runs an interesting 2 hours show from Baton Rouge, LA, but plays a broad spectrum of Jazz. His show is uploaded to Mixcloud so you can listen any time via www.mixcloud.com to any of his shows as they are all there. Hundreds of hours.

    4.) Jazz Night in America is like a Jazz Documentary show. Each show concentrates on a specific artist or theme. Christian McBride is the "host" and it is a very worthwhile 1 hour show to learn about Jazz "artist-by-artist". This is an NPR Syndicated show. You can catch it on various NPR stations nationwide at various times or via the website http://www.npr.org/series/347139849/jazz-night-in-america

    5.) Jazz Sunday is without a doubt my favorite Live Jazz show. I've been listening for well over a decade. I discoverd the show by accident one day steraming around looking for "LIVE" Jazz feature shows. Jack Marchbanks and KC Jones co-host the show and the variety is vast. They are highly knowledgable (guessing both are in their mid to late 50's) and play supreme Jazz to my taste. They are very personalble. Jack responds to emails and Facebook immeiately and you can call them and chat. I record this show weekly as it overlaps "Big Band Jazz' at CJRT by 1 hour.

    6.) The Big Band Jazz Show with Glen Woodcock on CJRT is the longest running Jazz show with the same host in history. Glen started broadcasting in 1977. He's a great guy and he and I have become email pen-pals. He dedicated one of his shows to me, playing a lot of Woody Herman. Long story on that for another time. I love Big Band and never miss his show. I record his show as well as it is overlapped by WCBE's Jazz Sunday and it overlaps WLRN's Night Train Jazz.

    7.) Uncle Ted Grossman's "Night Train Jazz" is probably the most interesting of the bunch. It is similar to CJRT's Big Band Jazz Show, but takes diversions into Trios and Quartets where needed. Ted Grossman has a HUGE collection of old Jazz Vinyl from the 30's and 40's. He is a walking Jazz encyclopedia, and the show is amazing to listen to. Nobody knows more about 30's-40's era Jazz than Uncle Ted. Listen one evening and you'll get that fact quickly. He's been collecting that era's vinyl since the late 60's.

    8.) The most engrossing show for me used to be "Radio Deluxe" with John Pizzarelli and Jessica Molaskey. John is Bucky Pizzarelli's son and Jessica is John's wife. The two do the show from their living room and chat about Jazz as much as they play it. It's very conversational and you feel like you are sitting on their couch and chatting Jazz with them. But you never know what you are going to hear. You can hear anything from Bing Crosby to Steely Dan. It used to be 90 percent Jazz for sure, but with a twist. At times it' was very elegant. Unfortunately lately the playlists have seemed to shift heavily to Broadway show tunes. Jessica is a Broadway singer. This has brought the show down quite a few notches on my favorite list. However, the conversation between the two is fascinating. John and his father Bucky have played with most of the legends in Jazz, so he has amazing stories that he shares. You can catch this show on www.mixcloud.com any time you want. All of the shows are there. Hundreds of hours. As I noted above, this is a syndicated show, so you can also catch it from the syndication website or via other terrestrial radio stations at different days and times. www.radiodeluxe.com


    Stations mentioned above;

    WCBE - Columbus (Not a full time Jazz Station)
    WLRN - Miami (Not a full time Jazz Station)
    CJRT - Toronto (Full time Jazz)
    WUCF - Orlando (Full time Jazz)
    WHYR - Baton Rouge (Not a full time Jazz Station)

    Honorable mentions for regular Jazz listening are;

    WDCB - Chicago
    KSDS - San Diego
    KCSM - San Francisco
    WBGO - New York (technically New Jersey)
    KNKX - Seattle (streaming found via jazz24.org)
    WKCR - New York
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  2. BillyBatts

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  3. KrisM

    KrisM Lunatic Member

    Nice work, Billy!

    I'll add three that air on a local station, CKUA. Go to http://www.ckua.com and click on the "Listen Live, On Air Now" button.

    Saturday 2:00-5:00 PM EST - A Time For Jazz hosted by Codi Hutchinson
    I like this show because it pushes me to listen to more current stuff. Something I'm guilty of not doing enough.

    Sunday 4:00-5:00 PM EST with a re-broadcast at 5:00-6:00 AM on Saturdays - The Old Disc Jockey hosted by John Warthington
    I love this show. It's all big band and swing stuff, and the host is a no bs guy when it comes to the details. Been hosting the show off and on since 1974.
    Many shows are re-broadcasts from years past, but I don't care.

    Sunday 5:00 PM EST - Voices In Jazz hosted by Dianne Donovan
    I listen to this one the least of the three, but not because it isn't good. I'm just picky about jazz vocals, and need to be in the mood.
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  4. OldPolishGuy

    OldPolishGuy AK Subscriber Subscriber

    SoCal, Los Angeles region.
    Again, I'll recommend 88.1 FM KJAZZ from Cal State University Long Beach here in the Southern California region. You can stream the programs from their site: www.jazzandblues.org. This station evolved from the old KKGO and KBCA commercial Jazz stations from the 60s and 70s; Jim Gosa and Chuck Niles were two of their most memorable DJs. Besides listening to the station at work I usually catch David Benoit's show in the mornings and Helen Borger's show during drive time in the afternoon. On Saturdays I try to catch Jose Rizo's Jazz on the Latin Side from 6-10pm and Gary Wagner's Nothin' but the Blues shows on Saturday's 2-6pm and Sunday's 2-7pm. Program times for the streaming service might be different in various parts of the country. OPG.
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  5. macgolf

    macgolf Beethoven 2004 - 2018 Subscriber

    Central IL
    I can recommend "Radio Munson" on 89.1, www.wglt.org, from the campus on Illinois State University. Available on podcast but broadcast live(and streamed) on Thursdays from 7:00 - 9:00pm Central.
    From their website "The eclectic mix of big band swing, vintage hot jazz and Las Vegas headliners on Radio Munson offers great music of a different era. Don plays Ellington and Sinatra, Sarah Vaughan and Django Reinhardt, Bob Scobey's Frisco Jazz Band and Stan Kenton. The conversation is lively and real musical history is in the air on Radio Munson."
    He plays anything from 30's big band through current jazz favorites like Diana Krall. I learn something every Thursday evening listening to Don and his enthusiasm for this music.

    Listening now.
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  6. BillyBatts

    BillyBatts ALOHA! Subscriber

    WLRN Miami plays a Nightly Live Jazz Show called "Evenin' Jazz" with Tracy Fields.
    Weeknights (Monday-Friday) from 9:30 PM - 1:00 AM Eastern.

    Tracy is a great lady and if you send her an email, she will reply. Her mix of Jazz is broad-range. She does not talk about the music background as much as her counterpart Ted Grossman that hosts "Night Train" on the same station on Sunday evenings, but if you find yourself looking for a live Jazz show weeknights, Tracey's "Evenin' Jazz" may be just the ticket.

    WLRN Evenin' Jazz
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  7. BillyBatts

    BillyBatts ALOHA! Subscriber

    CJRT Toronto plays a nightly show called "Dinner Jazz" with John Devinish.
    Weeknights (Monday-Friday) from 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM Eastern.

    For those of you looking for a nightly "relaxing" live Jazz show, you may wish to check this nightly show out. John is another great guy, responds quickly to emails, and plays elegant and relaxing "Dinner" Jazz. Great music for Dinner, and for relaxing in the Lazyboy afterward.

    CJRT Dinner Jazz
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  8. joekapahulu

    joekapahulu Active Member

    Honolulu, HI
    Just saw this.Thx to all the posters. My favorite local jazz dj on our NPR station passed a few years back and the show has not been the same since. Its shorter and the mix of music is less attractive to me. I have been bouncing around looking for other sites since. Mostly been picking up WBGO, WRTI,back east and a few others on the West coast. This adds mightily. Now I need to find an "online clock radio" that can grab a Wi-Fi signal, play stereo but also have clock radio fx.
  9. Erik Tracy

    Erik Tracy Super Member

    Staying on topic...
    Jazz88.org aka KSDS 88.3FM in San Diego does host a live jazz broadcast once a month - the date varies so you have to visit the website for the schedule. But it is typically on a Tuesday at 8pm Pacific time.


    They broadcast from the Seville Theater on the San Diego City College Campus in downtown San Diego. Tickets and parking are free to KSDS/Jazz88 members.

    I've been several times - small theater with a fun atmosphere, and the music has always been great!
  10. Amcrebelfan

    Amcrebelfan AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Loves Park, IL
    Keep them coming.... Any mid week shows?
  11. BillyBatts

    BillyBatts ALOHA! Subscriber

    There ARE mid week shows indeed. I have to get with a MOD and see if he can open the original posts to me. I would like to tweak them and want to post in the INDEXING area I reserved.

    Look above about six posts earlier for "Evenin' Jazz" with Tracy Fields on WLRN. This is broadcast nightly (Eastern time). Good place to start.

    Also see my "Radio Deluxe" listing in my Original Post for Tuesday evenings on CJRT Toronto, although this show is syndicated.
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