Thank-you so much bravo30 .. what a pleasure!

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    So i just recently got the bug to journey back into the world of vintage audio, i had sold all my audio stuff back in the early 90's but kept my vinyl collection and cassette collection.
    I posted a "WTB" ad looking for a nice turntable and to my surprise received a nice reply from @bravo30 who happened to be an hour from me. He had a couple Sony turntables available and i decided to go look at them .. i was especially interested in his Sony ps-x600
    I arrived and was greeted by Jim and welcomed in to his beautiful home. He immedietely showed me the Sony ps-x600 turntable which he had hooked up to a beautiful restored Marantz receiver. He took his time and went over everything with me and walked it through all the functions and played for me, it sounded wonderful and functioned beautifully .. Jim also gave me great advice in what to look for in vintage gear and even handed me a flashlight and said "here, go over it with a light and inspect it closely"
    Jim took the time to show me the other turntable he had available for sale as well which was nice but i really liked the ps-x600 and told him i wanted to buy that one.
    Now came the exciting part ... Jim took the time to show me his downstairs "Man Cave" and i was completely blown away to say the least, it was AMAZING! my wife had been outside waiting for me in my truck and i had to go get her so she could see it. Me and my wife talked about his "Man Cave" almost all the way home .. i have never seen such a set-up.
    I was so excited when i left that i forgot all the original paperwork he had with the turntable, Jim was nice enough to call me and get my address and said he would mail it to me.
    I just wanted to take the time to say a BIG thank-you to @bravo30 for the nice turntable and for sharing your audio collection .. it was AMAZING and i really enjoyed you sharing your passion with me and my wife. You have a beautiful home but i must say i would likely be in that basement man cave 99% of the time!
    Thank-you so much Jim, i am extremely excited over the turntable .. just waiting on the last piece of the puzzle now as i have another wonderful member here doing a complete restore on a vintage receiver for me.
    Just wanted to share my story with the AudioKarma family here, this is what this forum is all about and @bravo30 definitely represents it well indeed.
    Below is my new turntable (just a few quick pictures when i first brought it home) ... now the wait for my Marantz receiver so i can enjoy this.

    20180713_064217.jpg 20180713_064147.jpg 20180713_064059.jpg 20180713_063759.jpg


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