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Discussion in 'Yamaha' started by carnevale870, Oct 13, 2018.

  1. carnevale870

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    Hello All. I don't post but feel the need to this morning for all of your sage advice :) So I have a new Yamaha A-S2000 (well like new since its only a few years old and it is, in my opinion, a fantastic amp in both sound and build quality) that I have connected to a set of Spatial speakers (awesome speakers by the way) as my main listening system in my office. I also have a Sansui Eight Deluxe that was completely restored that I also love very much. But that darn itch is happening again!!

    I hate spending too much but I also hate the waiting and searching once my mind is set on something. So I want dot see what you all thought about adding a Yamaha CR-1020 or 2020 to the mix here? I would look to grab one in excellent condition but not restored. i know it would need a good once or twice over by a good tech which we have in the area.

    I think its an itch that is not caused by anything other than wanting to have something "different" so there is no specific description i need filled...just an itch...any thoughts even if they are "send me the money if you are just looking to spend" :)


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  2. Kevin D

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    Buffalo Grove, Illinois
    Sounds like you're of to a great start. Keep scratching that itch.;)

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