The Amazing Versatile Smartlist. Do you use them? And how?

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    A smartlist for the purpose of this thread is a type of fluid (changes as metadata is revised or new music that fits the criteria is added) playlist that uses metadata from files such as FLAC to create lists based on whichever parameters you used to filter your list. If you have ever used a database search function to find something, this is the audio version of that. I am not up on all the media players out there and they may call this type of list by a different name, but it is all the same for the purpose of this thread which is to get ideas on the seemingly endless ways these lists can be created for all sorts of playback needs.

    Here is one I came up with tonight..

    I came up with this due to a very large amount of new material I have ripped in the past few months and I don't want the good tracks to get lost among all my other music files. I use the rating system (0-5 stars) for almost all of the music I play more than once. Different ratings have different meanings. 1 star is all my old time stuff, 2 is newer but maybe played out for the time being. 3 stars is for new music I am excited about, but haven't decided if it will be bumped to 4 which is music I currently am playing often. 5 is for my all time greats.

    Anyway if it doesn't get rated it may never be found and played again so I go through all my newly ripped music and decide if I want to rate it or not. Sometimes I play it through and can't decide. The last filter in the above picture allows for 4 plays before it gets dropped from the list. The 4th filter is skip count. These are songs that I hit the next button, and if they are not played all the way through that counts as a skip and this allows for one skip, and the next time I skip it, it goes off the list without a rating.

    The third filter is rating. To be on this particular list it can't yet have a rating. Once I rate it, the next time I run this list it wont be in it. Since this particular smart list is only for auditioning what I have ripped to figure out which I want to hear again this weeds through all that which I have decided I want to rate.

    The second filter is for music imported in a date range, in this case only music that was imported in the past 90 days will show on this list provided none of the other parameters are preventing it.

    The top filter is a stock rule, and is always there every time I create a new smartlist, in this case only audio files..

    I have several other lists that use metadata and library fields. I'll see if this thread holds any interest first before I go further.
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