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The Americans - Finale

Discussion in 'Movies & Television' started by Drugolf, Nov 7, 2018.

  1. Drugolf

    Drugolf AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Had always meant to watch this series through the years but never was able to get around to it for whatever reason. Spent the last couple months running through all 6 seasons and wrapped it up with the series finale last week. Really enjoyed it. Great writing and acting throughout with an intelligent script and interesting story line, especially for those of us that grew up in this time frame dealing with the cold war.
    Oh the things they could do back in the day of no cell phones and limited use of computers. The stuff they could get away with back then, and that wasn't all that long ago really. The spy trade has to be so different these days.
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  2. slimecity

    slimecity Super Member

    New Zealand
    Underrated series this one.

    I love the emotional pressures the characters go thru.

    Plus Keri Russell is smoking spy-milf.
  3. Analog_Ed

    Analog_Ed Active Member

    Tulsa Oklahoma
    One of the best series ever. Great characters, great story. Although, I really think they ruined the ending by fast forwarding and skipping 3 years. Must have been cancelled by FX.

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