The Arch 1.2 data storage Disc, Science Fiction In fact.

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    This is right out of science fiction. The Arch Mission Foundation propose is to preserve the knowledge of the Human race forever. Think “A Canticle for Leibowitz” or The Foundation Trilogy’s Encyclopedia Galactica. Data is stored on a quartz crystal disc which has an 800 Terabyte capacity. It is radiation hardened and is projected to last for many billions of years. In science fiction there is often talk of a standard database. A medium which contains the complete archive of everything only needing to be update periodically. Just think a small disc with every song, every movie, and every book there is only needing to be updated. Instead gold records now just leaving the Solar system with the Voyager space craft. A small disc with expected readable live of about 12 billion years with the sum total of human knowledge can go to the Stars. It gives me goosebumps thinking of how this might tie into the greatest single episode of STNG, Inner Light S5E25. One of these discs with Asimov’s Foundation Trilogy is on board the Tesla Roadster, and The Starman, now leaving the Earth. WOW!

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