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Discussion in 'Infinity Loudspeakers' started by Army, Oct 27, 2008.

  1. Army

    Army Addicted Member

    East Central, Iowa
  2. budgetaudio6

    budgetaudio6 Addicted Member

    cool thanks army, should be fun reading. tho i dont have the more desireable infinitys. i do like their sound.
  3. sugarshack

    sugarshack my favorite beer is free

    Buda TX
    Before HK got ahold of Infinity..these speakers not only sounded great, they had some of the best lines...beautiful looking...just one mans opinion

    BTY: I own 8 pairs and still wanting more...wife hates it though..
  4. dddirtman

    dddirtman New Member

    i feel the wife thing,i have always been a panel guy(magnepan,accustat)
    but i have heard many rs speakers and now I'm converted...
    love my rsIIIb's..
    the top end is almost as good as the ribbons on my maggies(IIIb)..
  5. Bkphoto

    Bkphoto Super Member

    Westchester, NY
    I have IIIA's, as much as I love them I think that midrange dome get overwhelmed at higher levels...
  6. Seppo

    Seppo Work in progress

    Ontario, Canada

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  7. I agree, since all these Infinity models are the same mid-range dome and EMIT tweeter configuration, all the difference is in the bass, the woofers. The RS 4A/B model about maxed out the mid and tweeter in these. The RS 5 model is a bit under bass, but is a great HT speaker! The RS 6B does well with a single 8" woofer and the RS 5B about maxes out the bass to mid-high ratio for these. RS 7 uses a cone mid-range and the higher numbers were two-way speakers.

    The RS 2A/B and all RS 1 speaker are another speaker altogether.

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