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"The Fisher" Chassis: 1945-1969

Discussion in 'Fisher Forum Stickies' started by TheRed1, Jul 31, 2010.

  1. TheRed1

    TheRed1 Console Conservationist

    Thank you, Fred. Unfortunately, I haven't yet found a mid-season price list for 1966. It is possible the 700-T was introduced sometime after Christmas 1965 (which would make it a mid-season '66 introduction) but it isn't listed in either of the two early '66 lists I have dated Oct. & Nov. 1965.

    Being on the shelves in August doesn't necessarily make it a '66 model, though. New models generally came out in September but I have run across several instances of Fisher jumping the gun with August introductions. The earliest newspaper ad I have for the 700-T is Nov. '67 but there could easily be earlier I have yet to find.

    Did you pay full price for your 600-T? It was nearing the end of its run when you bought it so I suspect it was being discounted by then. Interesting that it was on the shelves concurrently with the 700-T which was its replacement as Fisher's TOTL receiver. Either of those models were hugely expensive for that time. Do you still have it?

    EDIT: Disregard my last question. I searched and found your introductory post which had my answer:

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  2. larryderouin

    larryderouin Turn it UP, POP? PLLUUEEEZZZZZEE Subscriber

    Glen Burnie Md.
    Just got 3 rough FISHER SS Receivers. 250-T, 400-T, and a 700-T (roughest).

    Service manuals show that the 250-T and 400-T were used in consoles.

    250-T = 24-R console unit
    400-T = 25-R " " "

    250-TX = 24RX Console Unit Not sure of the differences between this and the 250-T? Both have varactor tuning. and internally look the same. Maybe trim and year changes?

    550-T = Executive 973

  3. fred soop

    fred soop Super Member

    Yes, I paid full price. $390.58 plus 15.62 tax on 8/15/66 from Salesman Bill Robinson at Stereoland in Detroit. It was still on "fair trade" pricing and I had heard that it could drop off and become discounted. So, I periodically called at least 2 dealers to make sure they still had at least one in stock. When it got down to one, I bought. At the end of the year, the Allied catalog for 1967 showed it inside the back cover at maybe $300. That page does not seem to show up on the Allied catalog archive.

    But, the 1966 Allied catalog, page 138, at:


    states that it was $505.75 in the 1965 catalog. So, was the fair trade price reduced or could it have actually been off fair trade when I bought it?
  4. RUMay408

    RUMay408 New Member

    I'm subscribing to this thread, my avatar is a 1960 Fisher 100T, currently use this as my phono preamp
  5. larryderouin

    larryderouin Turn it UP, POP? PLLUUEEEZZZZZEE Subscriber

    Glen Burnie Md.
    The 250-T and 250-TX look to be the same model except for the Serial #'s.

    Manual front Covers have Serial # info.

    250-T is units beginning 10001 (This manual also covers 400-T beginning 10001) 24-r=250-T, 25-R=400T console chassis.
    250-TX is units from 73896....

    The 250-TX is also known as the 24-RX Console Chassis


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