The Grado Gold1 Longhorn now can have a new option.....

Discussion in 'Audio by Van Alstine' started by WaynerN, Nov 22, 2016.

  1. WaynerN

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    After a customer's request, we supplied a Grado Gold1 Longhorn with the 8MZ stylus (specially treated). Tracking at 1.6 grams, I found the combination very revealing, tracking like a fine line stylus with the ability to produce incredible bass with power, but not overpowering, a fabulous mid-range and a delicate high end that made the entire combination very fun to listen to.

    Ask Frank about the details and cost if you are interested. Phone: 651-330-9822



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  2. Dr Tinear

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    Livonia, Michigan
    Frank revealed the details of the special stylus treatment some years ago when the Longhorn Grado was temporarily out of production at AVA. I bought an 8MZ to replace the stylus in my Longhorn Grado Green and treated it before installing it in the cartridge body. Wayner's description sounds exactly like what I heard -- and still hear -- with my Longhorn'ed Green/8MZ tracking at 1.6 grams. It's an amazing combination that will outplay many premium-priced cartridges.
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