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    I decided to stop talking about it and make it happen...

    I, along with 5 other pillars in the New Orleans Audio community, recently created the New Orleans Audio & Music Club. The focus is to gather people that are interested in all facets of music, from recording, playback, and attending live performances.

    It doesn’t matter if your system is $500 or $500k—it’s all about meeting fellow enthusiasts and enjoying their company while sharing good food and a cocktail (or three).

    The goal is to have 6 meets in the first year (2019), every 2 months or so. We will shoot for a Saturday afternoon at member’s home.

    There will be no fee to join or any obligation to host. The founding committee has agreed that we have enough members already that can facilitate the responsibilities of hosting for year one, and hopefully new members will agree to do so as we grow.

    I have also decided to add “Music” to the name, because that is the sole reason we all spend an absurd amount of time and money on this hobby—the enjoyment of music. It will be an open music forum—from classical to gangsta rap—all is welcomed and encouraged.

    The first meet will be at my home on Saturday February 9th, 1pm, 2019. Anyone interested may contact me on my mobile at 504-906-6854 for directions and any other details.

    I look forward to hearing from any interested people.

    Social media pages for the group are coming soon!

    Pepe Lafourcade
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