The Idiot's Guide to Using DeOxit (revisited)

Discussion in 'General Audio Discussion' started by Arkay, Jan 27, 2009.

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    :scratch2: ...well if that's the case, what is their duct tape? :stupid:


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  2. trikster

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    60/40 Solder?
  3. kennyrach

    kennyrach Active Member

    Thanks Arkay
  4. thermoluddys

    thermoluddys Member

    Arkay, I used your wisdom and did the Deoxit treatment on 2 receivers. The first one was a JVC from the 70`s( forget the model number) It had noise in pretty much all the pots. After the treatment, the pots were quiet as a mouse! Next, I did a Pioneer SX850 big old receiver. Noisy to the point of speaker damage! Volume pot was real bad, channels cut in and out, Phono #1, cracked and popped terribly! After treatment, again quiet as a mouse! and everthing worked great ! I mean----- awesome!
    So Arkay, thank you very much for taking the time to type all of the instructions and posting here. You the man! Tommy
  5. trudie

    trudie Ted

    This thread is very informative. In regard to vintage equipment I contacted Craig. Below is there recommendation on treating contacts, switches, connectors and pots in old equipment from the 30's to the 60'. Craig's response is immediately below and my request form below Craig's response.

    PRODUCTS: D100S-2 and D100L-2DB

    Additional information:


    On vintage equipment I would not spray directly onto any parts inside the equipment – use the D100L-2DB directly onto the metal connector or spray onto a lint-free swab and put onto connections. If surface requires a spray (potentiometers, etc.), use the D100S-2 (has no solvents, applies 100% DeoxIT®) and just spray once or twice into contact area – then work the pot and distribute the DeoxIT®.

    On old equipment the metals maybe deteriorating – that’s why NOT to use any solvent-based cleaner – it may remove metal off the surface.

    Note: Just try on one or two parts and see if it works before doing everything. If oxidation is severe, after you treat it may take overnight for full effect.

    Good luck.


    If you have any immediate questions, please call us at (800) CAIG-123 (800/224-4123) or (858) 486-8388 Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. PST.

    We appreciate the opportunity to help you improve the performance and reliability of your equipment.

    Your Customer Support Team

    CAIG Laboratories, Inc.
    12200 Thatcher Court
    Poway, CA 92064 USA
    858-486-8388 / 800-224-4123 -

    * Industry:


    * Is product for?:

    Carbon-based controls

    * Conductive materials?:

    Non-ferrous metals (gold plated, copper, bronze, brass,

    * Photos/images available? :


    * Type of connector(s):

    Vintage Faders and switches in audio equipment from the 30's to the late 60's, RCA connectors, contact switches and slider switches.

    * Have connections been cleaned/treated yet? :


    * Existing issues and/or problems:

    static and pops

    * How severe is oxidation/corrosion on the surface?:

    Moderate oxidation (Definitely visible)

    * Environment device or equipment will be exposed to when in operation?:

    Mild (household, office, etc.)

    * Accessibility of contact/connector surface?:

    Some easy, some difficult

    * Is flammability an concern for the applicator?:


    * Is flushing action required?:


    * Are there sensitive materials or components near/next to contact/connector surface?:


    Specify sensitive materials and/or components.:

    PC boards with electronic components. Caps resisters.

    * Which applicator(s) do you think would be best for your application(s)?:


    * How many connectors/parts do you need to treat with DeoxIT®?:

    20 or more

    * Time frame requirement:


    Submitted On:

    2015-10-24 13:44:00
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  6. runnin'

    runnin' Super Member

    This is a great thread and after reading the initial post I ordered some of the deoxit and gold conditioning lube. Some time after I acquired an old Harman Kardon integrated amp that seemed to be in really rough shape, Tons of noise and crackle. I cleaned and treated everything as outlined, and the amp became flawless!

    And then just last night I got curious about my 2 channel system and decided to do some preventive maintenance. There aren't any knobs, sliders or switches, so I just did the RCA jacks in back and AC power jack. The q-tips showed a fair amount of carbon on some jacks. Then I thought, what the heck, and did the RCA cable jacks as well. I haven't put it all back together yet as for some reason I decided to add another wall plug behind the rack, but I'm curious as to whether I'll hear any audio improvements. This thread has saved me a lot of money, paying a tech to do this would cost a fair bit!


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  7. JMiP

    JMiP AK Subscriber Subscriber

    North Carolina
    I have a can of D5, F5, and G5, but no tubes of anything. For the bass, treble, balance, volume, and tuning I should use a bit of the D5 then the F5 and then the G5? Then for the push buttons of speaker 1, speaker 2, mono, and contour I just use the F5? Or F5 and G5? Then for the RCA jacks and fuses I should use the F5?
  8. voyager_663r

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  9. transmaster

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    Cheyenne, Wyoming
    Two things in the Caig DeOxit world, Amazon has all of Caig Lab's products however get your Stainless steel applicator direct from Caig Lab's, or Parts Express, the one vendor that had them on Amazon was trying to get $12.98 for it:

    A stainless steel applicator for the 2oz spray bottles get these at Parts Express $2.98 each. they are a gigantic improvement over the red plastic applicator. Just the ticket for the nightmare that is the push button bandswitch towers on Tube Type Zenith Transoceanic's.

    Hosa Deoxit Gold Vacuum Tube Survival Kit: It has brushes that can get into tube, and transistor sockets to clean them using Caig DeoxIT 25% cleaning solution. Which you follow up with DeoxIT GOLD GX-MD, 100% solution, which maintains a good electrical connection. This kit is dead handy on my tube type Zenith Transoceanic's, and has resurrected a Zenith Transoceanic Royal 3000-1 which had not been powered up in 30 years to at least making noise by cleaning the transistor sockets.

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  10. horacepinker

    horacepinker New Member

    Good stuff. Wish I had found this 6 years ago.
  11. aassdd2016

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  12. Dave_1962

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    Ontario, Canada
    I thought I knew enough about deoxit from watching youtube and reading up on it for a couple weeks. Then I read this.......Thank you for the real deal ARKAY:)
  13. inkslinger

    inkslinger New Member

    I have a Sansui G-9000 DB I bought this Brand New when I was in Germany '79-'82 and have used it up till 1990 an had stored it in my closet wrap in a thick blanket since .
    My question is what is the shelf life of electronics ? It work fine since I've used it , Then I got married and family grew an been in my closet all this time . I know it should have a good cleaning but would like to know if it's going burst in to flames if I plug it in? Would like to start it up some time.
  14. BluesmanBen

    BluesmanBen New Member

    Thanks for the information arkay..I just received a new (OLD) Sansui 7070...followed your instructions and....Wow! I can't believe how great it sounds.... great post that everyone should read..
  15. healeylvr

    healeylvr New Member

    • Took some time to read the entire thread but glad I did! I just finished cleaning my Marantz 2238 and it responded very well Thanks for the tutorial and comments here
  16. Abouna

    Abouna AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Eastern iowa
    OK I've read through some of the thread. I still don;t know which to get. Just picked up a KA-7100 today and want to start cleaning it. I'm looking at all the sprays and it's really confusing.

    The original post is kind of old.


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  17. Drugolf

    Drugolf AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Can you use Deoxit on Equalizer slides?
  18. Oerets

    Oerets AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Derby City U.S.A.

    They make a Fader Lube for them. That is the only thing I would use!

  19. Phase700b

    Phase700b AK Lurker & Kinsman

    S.Central Wisconsin
    Modify the red spray tubes by heating gently and rotating till just getting soft. . . wait a few seconds and then form the end to make a slight "U" shape or offset.

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  20. transmaster

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