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Discussion in 'Sports & Outdoor Adventure' started by soundmotor, Mar 3, 2016.

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    Good eye!
    I love yoshihiro, got about 3 knives from them, 1 Damascus yanagi.

    This guy cost more than my peachtree stereo...

    Picture from my last job, we were all yoshihiro fans
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    Chi-Town, USA
    Well I was inspired by this thread..Also found myself skinning a deer with a pocket knife last fall since I had lost my Buck knife, So I went on a spree.. Woopie!
    Picked these up new off the Bay. (Marbbles,Frost, and Elk-Ridge) The flip pocket is Tac-Force.
    knife 001.JPG


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    Spring Project: knifemaking or more accurately, knifehandle-ing with a big pile of scandi grinds. Plan to start small and build up to blade forging...someday as I have all the gear for it. For now I'll settle at getting handles on these as I retool shop for more of this kind of work. The extras are for the oops factor -

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