The Mordaunt-Short Owners Thread

Discussion in 'British Audio' started by SimplySound, Aug 20, 2014.

  1. SimplySound

    SimplySound Kent Engineering & Fondry

    Albuquerque, NM
    Another interesting one... the MS-235 with a Coles 4001 and a KEF B200. The Upper-Mid seems to be an Audax maybe or an ADS/Braun (EDIT: Turns out its a Peerless!)



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  2. JimPA

    JimPA Distinguished Member

    Grover's Corner PA.
    I wonder if the woofer was made by Dalesford?
  3. Rustyman

    Rustyman New Member

    I think it is :) looks like in mine Pageant series 2 woofer DSB-208
  4. markloft

    markloft Member

    new MS owner

    Just bought a pair of Festival 3s last night on the auction site. Will be a week or so before I have them... will be looking at this thread more often now.
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  5. markloft

    markloft Member

    Just making an entry here to get myself connected to this group. Currently own pairs of Festival 2, Festival 3, and MS20i.

    Festival 2 needs a new tweeter, emailed Lockwood Audio today to inquire about a replacement pair.

    Bought the Festival 2 pair because one of the Festival 3 woofers sounded like it was going bad, discovered they both use the DSB208 woofers. Later found the woofer wasn't going bad, just overloaded with bass on one particular song that does that to several pairs of older speakers.

    If I can find the replacement tweeter for the Festival 2, I'll have three pairs of working, beautiful, great-sounding speakers.
  6. Yvan_donald

    Yvan_donald Well-Known Member

    Hi, nice looking speaker's,earlier model more imposing,ribbon tweeter very impressive.MS,it is the only company in UK using this type of tweeter?.Original Decca speakers too.With the plate at the bottom look neat,Yvan


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  7. scuba

    scuba My idea of spin class. Subscriber

    Calgary, Alberta, Canada
    I have a pair of the current line of Carnival 2s as well as a pair of Mezzo 2's. Pics below taken from the net as as well as my own.

    I absolutely love the sound of these speakers and was wondering why they seemed to fly under the radar on this site. I find tons of threads about Wharfedales of which I also have a set of vintage W60's, but not much love for MS.



  8. Supercoley1

    Supercoley1 New Member

    I was quite surprised that this site didn't have that much on Mordaunt Short stuff but then maybe they weren't that good at getting into the American market. Pity their parent company seem to have decided not to make any more concentrating on other brands they own.

    On Brit forums they are very highly regarded.

    Whilst not in keeping with this thread's 'vintage' vibe, I have some Aviano 2s as my front speakers. Bookshelf speakers really. 14 inches tall and nearly as deep. Beautiful clean sound from them. Work well with my Yamaha Amp. I may update the centre and rears one day as they can't match the fronts when turned on however I tend to use the system in straight 2 channel mode and the missus/kids probably wouldn't notice the difference for their TV viewing on 5 channel. I don't use a sub. The Avianos provide enough bass for a family room even when turned up to walls vibrating levels.

    I have heard the Mezzo's in a shop but they were out of my price range. Truly awesome sound from them.
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  9. A400

    A400 Active Member

    Wellington, NZ
    Well it has been a while but I have an update, I just bought a second pair of MS15s for only $6! Slightly older than my first pair judging by the serial numbers and with a single-piece grill instead of the unusual two-piece grill. Condition is good, especially considering the low price. I'm enjoying them with some FM jazz right now on my desktop system.

  10. christophe C

    christophe C New Member

    Are the MS-202 good speakers ?
    I don't find any reviews and I wonder if these are worth 60$ ? I have the opportunity to buy a set (good condition) and I would use them with a Yamaha RX-397 for easy listening, no high end, no "audiophile" or expert goal.
    Thank you
  11. Beobloke

    Beobloke Super Member

    South UK
    As a former Mordount Short employee, I can't believe I haven't seen this thread before!

    I've owned many models but am down to two now - a pair of Signifers that are awaiting restoration and a Performance 9 subwoofer.
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  12. sinewaver

    sinewaver Active Member

    Northeast PA
    I've had a pair of Carnival III's for years now. Most enjoyable.
  13. lissenup

    lissenup Active Member

    Vancouver, B.C. Canada
    Had a pair of MS-300's at one time. Fantastic speakers. I upgraded and sold the MS years ago. Wish I still had them.
  14. KentTeffeteller

    KentTeffeteller Gimpus Stereophilus!

    Athens, TN
    This is a brand I have admired and enjoyed. I wouldn't mind a pair of one of their smaller bookshelf models.
  15. Nexusmusic

    Nexusmusic Member

    Montreal- Canada
    Hey guys! Very happy to have found this thread about Mordaunt speakers.

    I was wondering if anyone has any experience with the following serie. I can put my hands on a pair of Mordaunt Short MS40 (vintage versions), they look exactly like this here:

    Any input how these sound if anyone had this specific serie or overall how Mordaunt speakers sound? Are they worth? Are they near lets say Dynaco sound or Celestion Dittons etc... Or better not even touch this serie? I'll be having them for almost 20$

    Any feedback is very welcome

    Cheers ;-)

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