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The Official KEF R107 Owners Registry

Discussion in 'British Audio' started by SimplySound, Apr 28, 2013.

  1. Speaks

    Speaks New Member

    This is bizarre...
    I just posted the serial #'s to the registry for my 2 sets of KEF 107's
    One set of rosewood and second set black
    I recently purchased the black ones #004703 on eBay from an eBayer living in NYC
    I had purchased a KUBE for my rosewood 107's from an eBayer in Los Angeles about a month before.
    I hadn't looked at and taken a picture of the serial # for the KUBE until today.
    To my surprise, the SP2105 KUBE serial is #004703, the same as the recently purchased black KEF's.
    And to SimplySound, I just realized the pictures you just posted on 1/18/18 are of my eBay purchase!
    It was a last minute bid and I got them for $571.00.
    And, yes, the serial number from one of the heads is different.
    The eBayer said that he thinks he has the KUBE in storage and will send to me when found.
    I'm beginning to think he might have sold the KUBE to the west coast eBayer a while back...
    I'm confused...
    One of the 2 heads does have a different serial # then the other 3 components.
    I guess these black KEF's would be the perfect candidate for recapping.
    From what I reading, the caps are not matched with the other head.

    BKEF107L.jpg BKEF107R.jpg KUBESP2105.jpg KEFKUBESP2105.jpg


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  2. electra100

    electra100 Super Member

    Happy to post that I am finally able to join the club. I picked up a pair yesterday!
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  3. steve59

    steve59 Active Member

    I don't think the kube's were speaker matched and if they were kef didn't tell anybody cause I bought mine new and the kube didn't match the speaker s/n. mine were the latest version.
  4. stelya

    stelya New Member

    So glad I became a member to this exclusive club.
    After some trial and error in Class A and higher sensitivity bookshelf arena I opted for this and couldnt be happier.
    Note that I have mid-small room thus being limited in speaker selection (absolutely no rear ports allowed and only few front ones worked) and finding that only compression , isobarik and TL and non standard bass cabinet solutions work.
    Prior too acquiring these I was kind of happy with Linn Sara Isobarik ( still have and will keep them) but even though musical like few others I missed hi-end resolution, sparkle and ambient info.

    Oh... did I mention mine 107's are like no other :)
    Tell me if you can tell why :p
    Kef 2.jpg
    preamp : deciding on solution here... 10Y, passive or something else exotic
    amp: Mark Levinson 27.5
    DAC: AYA DAC tda1541 + E180F tube stage

    107's are refoamed, rewired with Kimber, recapped with Solens and finally re-tweeted :) with RAAL ribbon.
    NO KUBE! Previous owner who I know is well respected audiophile and owner of Raal (who did the upgrades! ) both think this particular speaker w/upgrade is better off without it and like it is now it is flat down to 30hz. (dont know if other things were done to XO to make it that way or only upgrades with quality components did that ...but when I asked I was given answer that XO is intact and kept original with just parts replaced)

    The only other thing that Im really considering is re-veneering them or doing something else to improve this black finist that does not fit in my room....so any ideas on veneers and woodwork techiques are welcome...same goes to choice of preamplifier.
  5. Hawkeye83

    Hawkeye83 Super Member

    East-Central Iowa

    Welcome to the club! Adding the RAAL ribbon...that's awesome! Mine are basically restored with a few "upgrades" as well, but I was also thinking about re-wiring mine with high quality wire. Eventually I think I'll do that.

    I added a "ribbon" to mine 107's too! My "addition" is a pair of Townsend Audio Maximum Super Tweeters. They definitely "enhanced" the sound of the speakers, without changing their character. Pretty cool. The addition of the super tweeters didn't quite do what I expected...I used to own some Apogee speakers and they had a sort of high energy, beaming sound that was kind of addicting. I was hoping the super tweeters would do more of that...I think they do a little bit, but not nearly as much as the Apogees. Long story short, they improved the sound but still do not have the sort of ribbon "energy" that the Apogees did...I guess I should have expected that...the Apogee ribbon was like 3 feet long and this ribbon is like 2 inches long, lol!

    I'd really love to compare with the RAAL ribbons you have...I'll have to check out the specs, maybe that's something I'll do some day as well. I know I like ribbons, mostly because of those Apogees and also some I heard on some Legacy Focus SE.

    Thanks for posting!

    Here are mine - you can barely see the super tweeters on top.

    20180628_142234_resized.jpg 20180713_080340_resized.jpg
  6. stelya

    stelya New Member

    Hi there, your pair looks amazing but couldnt take my eyes off that subwoofer .....whY ??? LOL ..how big is your room? :D\

    I think you'd maybe get cheaper deal if you went with some sort of drop-in replacement like Scan-Speak and keep the Townshend. Ribbon requires some machining and building to custom specs ( so there is no model like this on Raal website )... I didnt open them but I guess there may have been a tweak or two somewhere but I was left in the dark about the exact job done...maybe due to Raal being a young product and keeping the know-how is a common practice...but I dont mind nor I care as long as they do what they do the way they do it...if you know what I mean :)

    That McCormack DNA is one of 5 amps best suited for our KEFs so Im guessing you are in audio nirvana :)

    Nice to be a member


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  7. Hawkeye83

    Hawkeye83 Super Member

    East-Central Iowa
    LOL - literally everyone says that about the subwoofer...WHY?! Short(ish) answer, I bought the subwoofer before I bought the KEF's. I was going to use it with some Magnepan 2.7QR speakers. I still have it, so might as well use it...especially for home theater (though still not really needed).

    I do know what you mean...they make magic! Who cares how?!

    The McCormack amps are amazingly affordable. It kind of blows my mind how cheaply they can be had vs their performance. Definitely the best match I've yet had with my KEF's. I also think they have a really nice synergy with my Bel Canto gear. I am definitely in audio nirvana lately! I should be working from my "office" - where I have KEF 103.2's and a Peachtree Decco and an 8 inch subwoofer - but it's hard to tear myself away from the couch, where I can listen to my main system (this one) while I work!

    Congrats on scoring those uniquely-awesome KEF's. I doubt this will ever happen, but if you ever decide to sell them, let me know. I'm going to keep looking into this ribbon tweeter thing.
  8. stelya

    stelya New Member

    It took me a year to find a nice pair of these. Was originally looking for a 107/2 and completely disregarded plain 107's , I also wanted nice wook veneer...no way in hell a black one ! nut when I saw these locally with all the upgrades and a reasonable price i immediately forgot about 107/2 and veneer they had on :) I am thinking of sanding black paint thus revealing oak veneer that is underneath the paint (oak is cheapest veneer ...sigh) but was thinking of carving some nice shapes into it and doing a paint/lacquer/vax? finish ...if I screw it up I can always have it re-veneered :) :D
  9. Jasper01

    Jasper01 New Member

    $700.00 KEF R107 Speakers. Serial # 004805 Kube SP2105 # 004805

    Found a pair of Original Owner R107’s on Facebook for $150.00
    Rosewood cabinets in near mint condition. 2 of the woofers had to be replaced one in each cabinet, the magnets had become dislodged. Is this a common issue? Purchased 2 used woofers in need of surrounds replaced the surrounds on all 4 woofers , replaced the ferro-fluid in the tweeters . The Kube was included but was missing the power supply , purchased a Hammond 9-0-9 cvt transformer from Mouser Electronics and made my own. Crossover recap kit from Falcon Acoustics. All that’s left to do is rebuild the Kube possibly update the opamps.
    Any recommendations for an amplifier that will be the perfect match ?

    R107 Speakers $150.00 Facebook
    2- B250 woofers $250.00 EBay
    1- Woofer Refoam kit $81.95 Simply Speakers
    1- woofer 16- rubber grommets $12.95 Midwest Speakers
    1- Tweeter Ferrofluid $16.97 Parts Express
    1- capacitor replacement set. $180.00 Falcon Acoustics
    1- 18v CT transformer 17.02 Mouser Electronics

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