The Official KEF R107 Owners Registry

Discussion in 'British Audio' started by SimplySound, Apr 28, 2013.

  1. Speaks

    Speaks New Member

    This is bizarre...
    I just posted the serial #'s to the registry for my 2 sets of KEF 107's
    One set of rosewood and second set black
    I recently purchased the black ones #004703 on eBay from an eBayer living in NYC
    I had purchased a KUBE for my rosewood 107's from an eBayer in Los Angeles about a month before.
    I hadn't looked at and taken a picture of the serial # for the KUBE until today.
    To my surprise, the SP2105 KUBE serial is #004703, the same as the recently purchased black KEF's.
    And to SimplySound, I just realized the pictures you just posted on 1/18/18 are of my eBay purchase!
    It was a last minute bid and I got them for $571.00.
    And, yes, the serial number from one of the heads is different.
    The eBayer said that he thinks he has the KUBE in storage and will send to me when found.
    I'm beginning to think he might have sold the KUBE to the west coast eBayer a while back...
    I'm confused...
    One of the 2 heads does have a different serial # then the other 3 components.
    I guess these black KEF's would be the perfect candidate for recapping.
    From what I reading, the caps are not matched with the other head.

    BKEF107L.jpg BKEF107R.jpg KUBESP2105.jpg KEFKUBESP2105.jpg


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  2. electra100

    electra100 AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Happy to post that I am finally able to join the club. I picked up a pair yesterday!
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  3. steve59

    steve59 Active Member

    I don't think the kube's were speaker matched and if they were kef didn't tell anybody cause I bought mine new and the kube didn't match the speaker s/n. mine were the latest version.

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