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Discussion in 'Music Forums' started by VinylHanger, Mar 17, 2004.

  1. jameselmer66

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    the hills of KY
    I was in my local St. Vincent DePaul thrift store this past Friday and hit the mother load. What makes this so unique is that this particular store always has plenty of vinyl. If you like big band, Lawrence Welk or anything else produced before 1960. And I have nothing against that type of music. It's just not what I enjoy listening to. So I walk in there Friday afternoon and I'm stunned, utterly speechless with what I've found. So here it goes:

    Phil collins- no jacket required
    Tracy Chapman- Tracy Chapman-
    Mannheim Steamroller- Fresh Aire 4
    Paul Simon- Graceland
    Don Henley- Building the Perfect Beast
    Thomas Dolby- The Golden Age of Wireless
    Dire Straights- Dire Straights
    James Taylor- Flag
    Pretenders- 12"- Back on the Chain Gang/My City Was Gone
    Some jackets are in good shape and some not as good. But each and every album itself is in it's sleeve and condition wise looks brand new. Every single one which leads me to think they may have come from someone's collection. Pics will come soon.
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  2. rxonmymind

    rxonmymind AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Collecting some California locals. Picked up Cal Tjader. Hard to find.
  3. chicks

    chicks Lunatic Member

    The Big Valley, CA
    Picked up three Sarah’s, an Ella and a Brubeck LP on my lunchtime walk today, all in VG+ condition. Love the cover on this one.


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