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Discussion in 'General Off Topic Forums' started by tybrad, Feb 4, 2018.

  1. tybrad

    tybrad 21234

    It's all good advice. The problem is, I am essentially an introvert and have no meaningful network to fall into.
    Private schools have their own particular political and funding problems so, no.


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  2. tybrad

    tybrad 21234

    I do want to say to all that I hope for this thread to be about EVERYONE in the situation, not just me and hope that it outlasts me.
  3. tybrad

    tybrad 21234

    I dunno- outside sales? Cold calls? The latter ives me shudders.
  4. BobHol

    BobHol Old fart Subscriber

    Fort wayne IN
    Back in 2015 (just before turning 65) I was abruptly booted from a place where I had spent 16 years. It caught me completely by surprise and I really didn't want to be retired (couldn't afford it yet either I thought). I was eligible for unemployment compensation. But to get it I had to take skill and job hunting skills classes, meet with a counselor and apply for 4 jobs per week. For the most part this was a good thing. Luckily it was April and I had plenty of nice weather ahead. After 6 months of this I was ready to throw in the towel and change my status when a dream retirement job was offered to me. I was hired for a small group in a bigger company. This group had only one Quality Engineer and he wasn't happy about it. So I was brought in as the backup Quality Engineer (similar to an experienced backup quarterback to a Star player who seldom gets hurt) at a cut in pay from my last QE gig. But that didn't matter much because all I have to do is show up. I seldom have more than 2 hours of work to do each 8 hour day. It is a boring job and I have a hard time believing that this is really their plan. But the No1 QE is happy now. Been here for over two years. Hope to milk this for another two years,... but then April and warm weather is fast approaching.
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  5. Ronald1973

    Ronald1973 8-trackin', Hank, Sr. man

    Steele, MO
    There will be some of that, but not as much as you think. When my dad was in his heyday, he would order leads, so people to an extent knew to expect a salesman to call. There will still be some cold calling and outside sales, though, so it is something to think about.
  6. trinhsman

    trinhsman AK Subscriber Subscriber

    On a lake in Georgia
    I'm on my last year. Been with my current job 20 years, in sales. Best job I ever had. Set my schedule. Go where I want, when I want,and how I want. Just started full Social Security this year with my first check coming in March. Wife is 13 years younger than me, so we have a while on her. Also, in order for her to take any retirement money before 59 1/2, she has to set up a special program with the Government. Can't remember what it is called, something like T-71 or T-72 rules. The problem with that program is once set up, you can't make any changes of any kind until age 59 1/2. Our goal is to have her do it next March.........THEN, we will look at finally fully retiring. I still have mixed feelings about stopping, since I can basically write my own deal at this point.


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  7. Hajidub

    Hajidub Chihuahua/Pug = Chug Subscriber

    Colorado Springs, CO
    Have you looked into online teaching (i.e. College, University). I work with some folks (these guys are idiots compared to your credentials) that do that for Colorado Technical University online as a second job. It pays pretty good depending on how many courses you're willing to instruct. If these guys can get on the process must not be too hard.
  8. quaddriver

    quaddriver 120 What's per channel Subscriber

    Im not unemployed, but what I have seen out there directly factors us elderly who might be looking. Years ago (18) after I made my bones at IBM (bunch of patents, division award etc) it was a good job but I saw gold in them thar hills and left on my own terms for a 33% increase in pay, doing the same job for a customer of IBM. on my exit interview, the 'will hire again' box was checked so return is possible (current and ex ibmers reading this know what I mean) My gig lasted in silicon valley remotely for 5 years until the dot bomb and I was fortunate to parachute out. I started my own company consulting essentially yet again, what I did and since everyone was shedding FTEs for contractors, bizness was good, in fact, until recently it was the most I ever made. But I took as a client unca sam, doing yet again, the same job, on the system I wrote, with people (other contractors) I had known for decades - we are a closed, small group, dying faster than being replaced.

    After 2 years, I dormanted (its a word you have to use) my company and used the CTFTE (contractor to full time employee) program to get a position which I hold still. A couple years back, IBM was hiring, in my old area, and I could come back for more money, a higher level, and staff. so I started applying and while that happened, ginny (IBM CEO) initiated a 'resource action' that 95% of the people were age 50 and above. I was 51. I withdrew my application and figured, screw it.

    IBM had 2 commands when I started: #1 "respect for the individual' and #2 "think"

    Today it is "enhance shareholder value". As long as they are willing to treat employees like trucks, then I will treat them like a dog with rabies.

    sadly, that is the norm, and not the exception today. As my old IBM buddies were bled off one by one, those that did not take a bridge and retire doing odd things, I helped quite a few with resumes and submissions. In a way, Im kinda glad I am getting close to the end and retirement, I can stay here till retirement. But I weep for the masses. What happens is not ethical or moral. sadly, its lawful and that is all that counts today.

    rant over...
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  9. Bob

    Bob AK Subscriber Subscriber

    West coast
    a whole lot of years ago, I taught adult education on the side. it was introduction to programming.
    long before you buy any book on C/java/basic/ for dummies and long before windows 1.0

    my classes were always overflowing with folks who wanted out of their otherwise normal jobs
    (teachers, nurses, among others). at the end of the semester (only 14 classes of 3 hours each)
    I taught them how to get a job. I had one guy tell me he had 99 interviews before he got
    that entry level job.

    my point is that today there are literally thousands of jobs ( a lot are remote), thousands of sites
    offering intro classes, and free ebooks, and sites with total service - all are free. up to you
    to investigate.

    and before you think of pointyhead programmers. yes they exist but only about 19million professional
    programmers out there and this number has not changed in the last 10 years. and yes they are working
    for the big companies doing really hairy programming.

    what has changed are all the high-school, college grads, hobbyists, random guys who bump into this
    field. there are very easy ways to learn, easy languages, and easy programs (now called apps) to

    all you need is a laptop/desktop running windows. you can download a copy of "community" Visual
    Studio for free ( the requirements are modest), and download an intro book and go through the examples
    and start understanding the concepts. you can create windows apps, android apps, and recently iPhone

    you could do the android things but I think the Java environment is a bit complicated. same for Apple
    stuff (costs more than free).

    before you think I'm nuts - consider this. debugging audio is, in my opinion, harder than programming.

    now for the good stuff. once you feel competent enough you can tackle some
    programming for pay. won't be easy because the first job is always scary and the
    "buyer/employer/contract-holder" sees $5 apps for phones and thinks it should only
    cost $10. then they don't tell you exactly what they want to see (they are not programming

    if there's interest, PM me, I can walk you through what you need - if there's more than one
    a new thread can be created.
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  10. FONSguy

    FONSguy Super Member

    Sterling, VA
    I've been unemployed a couple of times. Luckily I have skills and tools. I painted HO scale Brass steam locomotives for 3 years because my skills in schedule management weren't needed by the big Gov't contractors.(the software tools could single out who the slackers were and middle mgmt hated that). A friend, also entrepreneurial was starting a computer hardware reselling company. I got to be the office admin and shipping/receiving dept. I learned HTML, Windows NT and building servers. That led to other jobs. I was a Mac computer consultant for a while where I learned some Adobe Software stuff. THAT led to my current job at NASA where I support the high end graphic designers.. I'm 63 now. The guy who started the Hardware reselling company is now flipping houses.
  11. Ronald1973

    Ronald1973 8-trackin', Hank, Sr. man

    Steele, MO
    I received a phone call today from a potential job. I actually thought it was a lawyer's office calling me back over the accident. Anywho, it was the Verizon store here locally looking for a sales rep. Starting pay is kind of low, but they do pay a nice commission rate on gross profit. The guy seemed interested, and he said I will be receiving an email with an assessment test to take.
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