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    I recently purchased this disk, which also includes a hi res stereo recording. This review is only for the DVD Audio version.
    Label : Panegyric # CPNG 90032

    I listened to this album on one of my secondary systems , in a small room, around 4 feet from the speakers.
    The room is located in the basement, with a concrete floor and finished walls. Sources were an older OPPO DVD player with 5.1 analog out to an older Onkyo HT , but the sub output connects to a 1980 Yamaha CR 620 with a Nkko graphic Equalizer for bass tweaking.. Bass is from two old BSR 15 " , picked up at a tag sale cheap, as was the Onkyo Receiver ( $ 20.00 )

    I find it interesting to pair older vintage equipment, bargain purchases from Tag Sales and Good Will, to hear how it sounds.

    Front Main speakers are JBL L100's purchased new in 1973. Center channel is a Definitive Technologies Pro 100. Rear speakers are older smaller JBL Book shelf with Titanium tweeters.

    As long as the volume level stays below 78 db, there is minimal distortion and the bass can be adjusted accordingly with the equalizer. The disk was auditioned completely flat, with only the bass increased 6 DB, flat above 62.5 Hz. Small boost at 32.5 . Yamaha set mid way on the dial.

    This recording is crystal clear, and listening to this version brings out many notes unheard on the Vinyl, Cassette and CD versions , which I also own. The dynamic range and clarity of the performance is also unmatched by the other sources. The bass is solid, clear and defined, even on cheap subs if you don't ask too much of them.

    Vocals are mostly front center, with some reinforcement from the rear, but without the separation and panning that one might expect from a surround recording. In many cases, especially Starship Trooper, the music seems to be between the front and rears, not distinctly form one or the other. A combination of excellent engineering and leveling of the signals really fools the brain. Even in a small room, at never more than 78 db, , the feeling of of being .in a small room is lost. DVD Audio never found its way to mass market for many reasons, but on recordings like this, IMO , the experience is only surpassed by live performances.

    Keyboards are bright from the front and center , but occasionally when coming from the rear, do not have the exact sonic impact to match. I am going to experiment with different speakers for the rear, and perhaps some equalization to see if that makes a difference Overall sound stage for this recording is outstanding. The music envelopes the listener, and fatigue is not an issue considering the volume and distantce from the speakers. Equally, guitars are clear and solid , no fatigue there either . Drum work is pinpoint and dynamic , nice extension for the cymbals and other upper register notes throughout.

    In summary, I own at least 10 DVD Audio Disks, and many SACD Hybrid and Surround. CDs. This recording is up there with the best of them. In the future I will set it up my much better " reference " system , but for now it is only a 2 channel option, so the disk will wait.

    This is the album that put Yes out there. After this recording, there were a few musicians changes , more synthesizer and movements towards concept albums. I find this album extremely listenable and a good example of " Progressive Rock " from the early 1970's. A terrific addition to my collection.
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    Valley of Heart's Delight
    Thank you for the review, along with your system description. :thumbsup: I just ordered this disc last night and expect it to arrive tomorrow.
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    That is the recent Steven Wilson remix from the original studio multitrack tapes... both in stereo and in 5.1 surround. He did a phenomenal job on it. If you Google "Steven Wilson Remixes" you'll find there are a number of classic rock albums he has done this way that are considered reference quality, revealing some sonic details that were not noticeable in the original releases (or even remasters of the original mixes)
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    Yep, I have the Steven Wilson "Jethro Tull - StandUp" issue, the "Caravan - Land of the Grey and Pink" issue,
    and a number of multichannel King Crimson remasters he was involved in! And some others I can't recall at work -

    Great stuff, every one I've heard!
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    I just received the Steven Wilson The Yes Album remix today.
    Don' forget Porcupine Tree's catalog on vinyl which Wilson re mixed.

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