These KG’s are impressive.

Discussion in 'The Klipsch Korner' started by smokey2255, Sep 26, 2018.

  1. smokey2255

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    Westfiled, IL
    About six months ago I scored a pair of KG 5.5, I’ve ran them straight off my integra DTR 7.8. Pretty impressive. I have a cabinet that needs some attention, I moved a pair of KG 1.5 from the bedroom and set up on the integra. Wow, they really like the extra power. Me being a concert level listener, I pulled an old 150 wpc amp out and am running the 1.5’s off it. These little bookshelf speakers have a really big sound. Without the amp they did an impressive job filling the space thouroughly. With the amp..... damn. Klipsch was extremely conservative rating these at 50w with a 200w peak.
    The KG 5.5’s will be mated to a Hafler DH 500 when the cabinets are freshened up.
    The best part of all this? My new lady friend didn’t flinch when she was introduced to my addiction. Most women I’ve met shy away from a dude with 30+ pair of speakers, even more pieces of audio gear. She got in there and started experimenting with different speakers attached to different gear. Hearing the nuances we all love to find.
    With the 1.5’s on the Integra, she heard the fullness of the sound.
    I think I found a keeper. The speakers aren’t going anywhere either. :)
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  2. 851 SP3

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    Canton, Ohio
    This has me thinking of getting out my Athena AS-B2s. It's been a good number of years since I put them away (not for disliking them). They, funnily enough, were 'replaced' by KG 5.5s. I think, sometimes, 'we' forget how nice a small pair of speakers can sound.
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  3. pioneerhip

    pioneerhip Active Member

    Smokey do you have your KG 5.5 up and going yet? Did you do anything else to them?
  4. RT Fan

    RT Fan AK Subscriber Subscriber

    I run my KG 1.5's to compliment my Chorus IIs, they punch well above their weight class and sound great. I will occasionaly run them by themselves to blow the dust out, they impress me everytime.

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