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Discussion in 'The Magazine Forum' started by JohnVF, Dec 12, 2011.

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  1. JohnVF

    JohnVF Lunatic Member

    Welcome to the Magazine Forum. What do we talk about here? Well, magazines, of course. Audio magazines. Let's discuss reviews in the official audio publications, both in print, and online.

    Why? Because we all like to talk about audio gear. And its fun to agree and disagree with those who do so in an official sense. Staying on top of what's going on can't be a bad thing, either. There's a lot of stuff going on in the industry, and while not all of it is picked up by the publications, more information is better than less...and the more we have to talk about, the more we learn what might or might not work for each of us...and the better all of our systems can be. Plus did I mention that its another opportunity to chat about more audio gear?

    So if you find something that interests you in an audio publication, start a thread here. If you've read the review, discuss. If you own the item in question, pass your own judgement on it. We're not here to change the world of audio...we're just here to learn, chat, and have fun.

    So lets begin with the rules...


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  2. Mr. Lin

    Mr. Lin Lunatic Member

    NJ/PA border
    The purpose of this forum is to allow open discussion of current gear, reviews and commentary in all regular publications, print and online. All positive aspects of an article are open for discussion, including the gear, the methodology, comparisons to other competitive gear, reviewer's preferences, etc..

    It's all spelled out clearly below:

    1. Reviews must be from a current article or full review from a regularly published print or online source of independent comment. Informal reviews from other forums or elsewhere or any form of advertising do not qualify. If possible, the OP should link to the review in question.

    2. You must have actually read the article in question, or have first-hand experience with the equipment in question, to post about it.

    3. Discussion should be specific to a particular article. General comments on audio gear and philosophy are prohibited. This includes talk of industry conspiracy theory, proclamations of snake oil, collusion of reviewers and advertisers, the price of gear, and other inflammatory remarks that lead the discussion away from the specific article being discussed.

    4. Avoid derogatory and inflammatory remarks or opinions about the reviewers themselves outside of what is expressed in the article in question. Gear is being reviewed, not the reviewers.

    5. TOL rules apply to this forum as well. Please review them before posting in this forum.

    Any questions? Please feel free to ask one of the moderators.

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