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Three sides to every story … or, how to discuss this stuff

Discussion in 'The Cutting Edge' started by RichPA, Nov 24, 2007.

  1. Ok, I should have read it. Im may be too old for this now. I was active on guns and hunting forums some years back and felt too many wanted what they wanted regardless.

    My wife knows how to relate on forums and keeps saying I should do it just to keep my mind working.


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  2. Negotiableterms

    Negotiableterms Administrator Staff Member Admin Subscriber

    There is absolutely no evidence that posting on this forum has anything to do with one's mind working. :D
  3. cwall99

    cwall99 Addicted Member

    The keys to making pasta work as speaker wires are several-fold:
    • Don't use store-bought, dry pasta. It's virtually impossible to get around corners without breaking it. I make my own pasta and find that, with practice, not only can I make pasta that bends around corners, but, by keeping it moist (I use a Williams and Sonoma stainless steel spray bottle for best results), I can achieve far better listening results than your typical store-bought pasta (or gherkin fort that matter)
    • Use Semolina for best results
    • After lots of experimentation (I keep lots of sauce handy for experiments that don't go well), I've found that penne has a nice, open sound. I'd also recommend avoiding orzo, and don't even think about using gnocchi)

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