Thrift store Infinity Kappa 6.1’s

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by Tensepian, Oct 12, 2017.

  1. Tensepian

    Tensepian New Member

    Hey all, scored a pair of Kappa 6.1 series 2’s for $20 at the local Value Village. Seem to be in perfect condition, sound excellent.

    Also found a Denon DCD-1000 for $12, which i think makes my CDs sound noticeably better! I always kinda scoffed at CD player connoisseurs, but...

    ANYWAY: I’m just driving the Kappas through my silly little Panasonic integrated amp (no pedigree, but it works, and has all the phono, pre-out, etc options i want in a box. However, I did spot at the thrift, a Denon DRA-425 for $30. Should i go back and get it for the benefit of the Kappas? Would you expect a genuine/noticeable improvement from that receiver?


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  2. 62vauxhall

    62vauxhall Super Member

    Fix the Kappa's. Get some junk speakers and do your first re-foam on those to see what it's like. The second time is much easier after a first time is under your belt.

    Great series of speakers and deserve top notch amplification. I've owned Kappa 7.1i's since they were new. I'm not a receiver person and drove mine since day one with a high quality integrated - Kenwood Model 600. I've since moved on to power/pre's. I suppose a decent receiver would be OK but I've no personal experience.

    The one and only receiver I ever owned was in 1968. But I played records and tapes at home, radio was in the car.

    It was explained to me as a young'un - max budget on turntable, amplifier, speakers. Tuner & tape come later if desired.
  3. tjohnusa

    tjohnusa AK Subscriber Subscriber

    I find surround sound receivers have little to no bass on the speaker outs. Since most use the subwoofer out for bass.
  4. classic carl

    classic carl Without Music, Life Would B FLAT. Subscriber

    North Coast of Pa.
    The Denon DRA-425 that he's speaking of is not an AVR. However, at 50wpc, it may not be the best choice to drive the Kappas anyway.
  5. 432HzBob

    432HzBob AK Subscriber Subscriber

    West Coast
    As a fellow Infinity owner, we both know the deal.... Infinity = Juice to drive them.
    I'm seriously considering a 200+watt amp now just to get the best out of my 8inch RS-6's.
    120wpc seems the opening bid to get them up and alive.
  6. cubdog

    cubdog banging through drywall Subscriber

    Oregon IL.
    Where did the OP say the speakers needed fixing? Not to say they won't benefit from new surrounds but they may not need them. That's easy enough to determine but don't spend money where it's not needed.
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  7. 62vauxhall

    62vauxhall Super Member

    Guess it wasn't - I thought iffy foam was mentioned. Must have been a different thread.
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