Tidal in trouble?

Discussion in 'Music Streaming' started by Inscrutable, Dec 21, 2017.

  1. Inscrutable

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    After JayZ probably trying to prop it up with his 444 release, still hearing it struggling and questioning its longevity.

    Although I’d love to see reasonable execution and availability of hirez streaming, having jumped in too soon on the Pono broken-down bandwagon makes me skeptical of anyone surviving pushing that rope. Think I am resigning myself to physical or downloaded ‘owned’ media .
  2. Grbluen

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    I just signed up on Tidal and I couldn't be happier.
  3. Alobar

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    Could it be that Tidal's woes are 2 or even 3 fold? First, it is competing with giants who don't seem to care if their services are profitable or not because they serve to tie in and augment other hardware/software they have that does make money.

    Second, Tidal went all out on the gamble that people will care about the sound quality enough to pay an extra 10 a month for MQA which when one thinks about it must be a PITA trying to get authorization from original artists as to which master was actually the original. This MQA works great for us audiophiles who have the gear and ears to tell the difference, but that piece of the total pie is very small compared to the vast majority who just play it on whatever is handy where the difference between MQA and just 320mp3 is non-existent.

    The third problem for Tidal is its seemingly lack of customization tailored to the music the subscriber actually likes to listen to. Instead of pushing rap on everyone who enters, they would do well to ask the new subscriber what sort of listener they are. Maybe JayZ is really trying to promote his chosen genre more than his streaming company, I don't know.

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