Time for a new HTPC

Discussion in 'PCs & Music Servers' started by sKiZo, Jan 10, 2019 at 4:13 PM.

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    The last tank in use here done bit the dust (refuses to even boot no matter how hard I sweet talk and tweak it), so out with the old, in with the new. Interesting to see what a few years can make for in size and capacities ...


    The big un is a standard rack size ATX box, and the little black box up front is a shiny new Intel HUC. The tiny blue stick in the blister pack to the left of that is a one terrabyte SSD (M.2) hard drive. Only tool I'll need for the build is a small phillips.

    Specs on the old monster?
    - AMD APU running at 2.1ghz (90 watts)
    - 4gig memory
    - 125gb SSD (OS and programs)
    - 1tb SSD HD (music)
    - dual boot XP and Windows 8.1

    Intel NUC
    - i5 3.8ghz quad core (26 watts)
    - 8gig memory
    - 500gb SSD (OS and programs)
    - 1tb SSD HD (music)
    - Windows 10 Pro

    What's amazing to me is that little box is the whole deal. Both SSD drives fit inside, and the only peripherals will be a USB optical drive and a USB dongle for a wireless keyboard/mouse. Build the drives, plug in the DAC, and fire it up. Can't wait to see what the lil guy sounds like!

    PS ... the old Bach is six years old anyway, and that's pretty much ancient in computers. Fun while it lasted, but time to take it out to the back 40 and shoot it.
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  2. Yamaki

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    Hillsboro, Oregon
    Nice...fire it up and let's hear back from ya on how it works out!

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