Time for a new HTPC

Discussion in 'PCs & Music Servers' started by sKiZo, Jan 10, 2019.

  1. botrytis

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    PODUNC USA......
    My current one is an A10-5800. It uses a 250 GB SSD drive. The bloody thing boots in 3 seconds.


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  2. sKiZo

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    I'm sold on SSD. Got two in the new NUC and a couple I rotate for backups. I've seen 2tb m.2 drives but they cost a LOT more than what I paid for the 1tb I went with for music, so I passed on the larger capacity. The smaller SSD is OS and programs only. Now there, a larger drive wouldn't have been much more expensive, but I already got more than I'll ever need.

    Oh. Another little tip I stumbled across. When buying memory, count the slots in your computer and divide by that so all the banks end up equally populated. This triggers extra data pipelines reliably on newer processors. I have two slots in the NUC, and wanted eight gb total memory (more than enough for audio only), so I went with 2 four gb's instead of a single chip.
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  3. cpt_paranoia

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    It's odd. I can take an HDD image from one of my PCs (an atom-based all-in-one, running Win7), and plug it in to some random motherboard pulled out of a skip, and have it boot up and work without any problems. Other than Windows objecting about me using a cloned image (I was just testing the motherboard).

    Maybe I was just lucky...
  4. sKiZo

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    Most I've ever had to do before is run Windows "repair" to change the drivers if it's a major board swap. No such luck this time.

    Another nugget dug up in my attempts to get this thing working ... apparently Intel uses actual OS build numbers in their drivers, and that can change with most any "upgrade". If your build number isn't within a specified range, the installer plays dead and pukes up an error message. I understand that could get even more restrictive when they move to the new DCH drivers this year. Don't believe the "one size fits all" installation that's projected - last I heard, those drivers aren't even compatible with themselves ...
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