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Today's Experimental/Avant-garde/Noise Playlist

Discussion in 'Music Forums' started by steelglam, Apr 11, 2013.

  1. DirtFarmer

    DirtFarmer Active Member

    Mad City
    Godspeed You! Black Emperor - Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas to Heaven

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  2. SA-708

    SA-708 Appalachian-American Subscriber

    NE Tennessee
    Sunn O))) Meets Nurse With Wound ‎– The Iron Soul Of Nothing (2011)


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  3. shedshrine

    shedshrine Active Member

    SF Bay Area

    Mort Garson The Wozard of Iz and Black Mass under the name Lucifer.

  4. shedshrine

    shedshrine Active Member

    SF Bay Area
    Throbbing Gristle 20 Jazz Funk Greats *remastered on green vinyl
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  5. noisefreq

    noisefreq Well-Known Member

    It's Thanksgiving morning, I'm up early and everybody is still in bed.
    So I'm listening to headphones my buddy left over here for me to evaluate.
    ...Comparing Sony MDR 7506 to Sennheiser HD 595...
    Sennheiser win hands down. No question.

    OK...reevaluating Subotnick's "Sidewinder "

    This sounds glorious in 5.1, there's a lot moving around the room...but on headphones!... it has a distinct left/right/CENTER approach.
    With both independent L/R channels in full force...about 2/3's the way thru the first side, a center channel imphasis takes hold and brings everything up to another level.
    Side one is great but side two... remarkable.
    It gives a definite counter-point to what's going on, on the periphery.
    I still maintain, this is the best Subotnick I've heard.
    Worth seeking out.

    Steve Reich "Pulse/Quartet"

    This is something new!
    I'm no Reich expert but this sounds like a new page in Steve's book.
    Perusing the internet, this record seems to get panned on a consistent basis.
    I don't understand this.
    The music is two distinct sides. Two separate performances recorded in two separate studios in two separate years.
    The music (for Steve Reich) is really varied.
    The "pulse" of the first side is familiar but it takes you on many ups and downs.
    This is the complaint of some critics. Just about the time it should crescendo, it doesn't, it continues...
    But it moves the piece along to it's logical ending.
    Personally, I find this approach compelling.
    I don't know what these "critics" are expecting. It's like they compare the new Reich record to any other record released in the same time period.
    It's not just another record on the pile. This is the first Reich released since 2012's "Radio Rewrite".
    Side two is better (IMO). Especially with headphones.
    Piano and vibraphone. There is lots of variance in the melody.
    Almost sound track potential. That's a compliment here.
    My biggest complaint is it's too short, over before you know it.

    OK...next, Carter Tutti Void "Transverse"

    Live recordings from 2012.
    I never heard of Factory Floor before this record.
    That's probably why it took me so long to buy this because I'm a full on Chris n' Cosey nut!
    Anyway, this is a good time.
    The fact that this is recorded live seems to be the most impressive thing about it, as far as the critics are concerned.
    I actually find it to be well recorded but the preformance is what's worth the price of admission.
    A throbbing low end sets the framework.
    Processed drums, synth whines and freeform guitar noise intertwine to create an improvisational sound extravaganza.
    Nik Colk Void is obviously a student of the Cn'C school.
    But when the student holds her own with the professors, you got something special.
    Don't get me wrong, classic Chris and Cosey has this beat by a country mile but for something new (well new enough)...this will suffice.

    Lastly, Eno/Byrne "My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts" remaster/reissue

    I've got the original release and when compared to the original, the "remaster" sounds just as powerful as the original. I can't imagine what changes were made, if any.
    But the fact that this reissue doesn't have the side two track "Qu'ran" (dropped after the Islamic Council complained) is kind of a big hole in this release.
    Too bad, it's a cool song, but I can understand why they didn't want to push it.
    The second record has several outtakes that are pretty cool but nothing earth shattering.
    There are some sample tracks included if you want to use their sounds for your own songs. Kinda cool.
    The gatefold cover is nice with lots of interesting insight from David Byrne.
    Overall, a nice version if you are so inclined.

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