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Tools of the trade

Discussion in 'General Audio Discussion' started by Infinite Mind, Aug 18, 2004.

  1. Infinite Mind

    Infinite Mind New Member

    DeoxIt and ProGold seem to be the obvious favorite for refurbishing your vintage equipment.

    What other products do you recommend using?

    I seem to have a hard time finding those products locally.



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  2. CarlV

    CarlV AK Subscriber Subscriber

    SF east bay
    Perhaps if we had some idea where you are we could be of some help. ;)
    There are Guitar Centers all over and they stock it for sale.

  3. Infinite Mind

    Infinite Mind New Member

    Sorry, I was referring to cleaning up the internals of vintage audio equipment. I've been following threads stating that ProGold and Deoxit were good products to use.

    I was wondering what else out there do people use who has found that it performed well.

    I living in Canada and us a product called Motomaster Electrical Contact cleaner. I don't know where the ProGold and Deoxit can be purchased locally in the Oakville area.


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