Top of the Line Mcintosh Car Audio Appreciation Thread

Discussion in 'McIntosh Audio' started by AcornJets, Mar 22, 2013.

  1. AcornJets

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    I know this is first and foremost a home audio forum but I thought members would be enthused to see what Mcintosh offered for high-end car audio gear.

    Mcintosh MX5000 headunit:

    The MX5000 is a reference control center, providing traditional volume and balance functions as well as full
    changer controls. The MX5000 brings the instant look of class, as well as familiar toucheslike the rotary volume control and analog bass/treble controls

    AM/FM Tuner, CD, *HDCD 24 bit, Burr Brown Convertor

    *HDCD – High Definition Compatible Digital

    The traditional McIntosh standards of excellence in the MX5000 audio control center. It is an elegant instrument that allows enjoyment of outstanding music reproduction and includes a wide range convenience operating functions to enhance your listening experience. The McIntosh Sound is “The Sound of the Music Itself

    HDCD® Decoder with 24 Bit 8 Times Over-Sampling Digital Filter
    The MX5000 is equipped with a powerful 24 Bit digital signal processor. This digital signal processor can provide automatic HDCD decoding and 8 times over sampling digital filter function for both CD and HDCD. The HDCD decoder provides a wider dynamic range when the HDCD disc is used.

    HDCD® Indicator
    The MX5000 is equipped with a HDCD Indicator. The indicator will be lit when the HDCD Digital Audio Signal is present at input

    Selected Grade 24 Bit Digital-to-Analog Converter
    The MX5000 is equipped with a selected grade 24 Bit Digital-to-Analog Converter per channel. This advanced Digital-to-Analog Converter can provide low-distortion, low-noise and high fidelity sound.
    Performance Features :

    Gold Plated Terminals
    McIntosh provides gold plated input and output terminals on the MX5000 for superior corrosion resistance.

    HDCD Circuitry with Indicator
    Centralized Control System
    FM Diversity Circuit
    Automatic Loudness Circuit
    DC/DC Converter
    Digital Coaxial Input/Out
    Ground Isolation Input Circuit
    MX Power Guard
    Golden Plated Connectors
    External CD Multi-Disc Player (The MX5000 has provisions for the connection and operation of an external CD Multi-Disc Player MCD5000)


    Useable Sensitivity: 9dBf with is 0.8 V across 75 ohms
    Signal to Noise Ratio: 70dB (IHF-A0
    Frequency Response +3, -3dB from 30 to 15,000 Hz

    Sensitivity: 28dBf
    Signal to Noise Ratio: 50dB at 100% modulation
    Frequency Response: +0, -15dB 30Hz to 4kHz

    Frequency Response: +- 5dB 5 Hz to 20,000 Hz
    Signal to Noise Ratio: 100dB (EIAJ)

    Rated Output: 3.0Vrms
    Output Impedance: 47 ohms
    AUX input sensitivity: 700mV for high setting, 1,400mV for low setting
    AUX input
    Digital Decoding


    Mcintosh MCD5000 6-disc changer:

    Mcintosh MPM4000 power output meter:

    The McIntosh MPM4000 Power Output Meter allows you to monitor the actual power output of your McIntosh Power Amplifier from the dashboard of your car. The direct reading wattage meters are calibrated to read from 1/100th of a watt up to 200 watts all packaged in a single DIN chassis that mounts perfectly under the MX406.

    MPM4000 Power Output Meter Features:

    *Designed for use with a McIntosh Control Center such as the MX406 and Power Amplifiers.
    *McIntosh traditional analog meter display.
    *Wide dynamic range.
    *Elegantly refined McIntosh blue illumination.
    *The meter display will illuminate by turning the power on

    Mcintosh MDA5000 external Digital/Analog Converter:

    The McIntosh MDA5000 provides performance that is sonically transparent and absolutely accurate that an external D/A can give. The MDA5000 has HDCD decoding, advanced Selected Grade 24-bit processors, auto-switching optical and coaxial inputs, McIntosh built-quality, and Scottish good looks. The MDA5000 has two coaxial and an optical digital audio input. All inputs are monitored continuously and switched automatically to make it perfect for modern home theater systems and car stereo systems.


    Mcintosh MCC602TM amplifier:

    McIntosh 2 Ch 600 Watt amplifier With Watt Meters
    *300 watts x 2, 20-20kHz, (4/2/1) ohms, 0.005%THD
    *Bridged Mono: 600 Watts (1/2/4 ohms), 20-20kHz, 0.005%THD Dual *Pulse Width Modulated power Supplies Balanced Push-Pull Design High *Current Output (1 Ohm Stable) Balanced Noise Canceling Inputs Glass *Top Plate w/Illuminated Wattmeters that measure both the current and voltage, and Visible Autoformers.


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  2. bart1

    bart1 Well-Known Member

    Tupelo, MS
    I always considered getting some Mac car audio, but always talked myself out of it. I finally gave up in car audio and built system(s) at home. I have 3 cars now, none of which are really conducive to premium audio.
  3. McGuy

    McGuy Active Member

    Sad the Car Audio is gone forever... per Charlie Randall.
  4. Destructor

    Destructor Super Member

    Braintree, Mass
    I never got into car audio either, I’ve heard some good ones too but never got the bug. My friends would always tell me to put a killer stereo in my restored 71 Coupe Deville but I never did. They’d ask what I listened to while driving and I told them I listened to the sound of a 472 under the hood. My other two cars just have factory stereos that I almost never listen to. At home I listen to my various tube systems including McIntosh.
  5. MX117.MC7150

    MX117.MC7150 Listener Subscriber

    Jersey Shore
    That CDP unit was likely made by/for Blaupunkt as it is almost identical to the one in the trunk of my wife's MB 300. Same 6-CD cartridge, etc. Have to admit that it was a really good unit. Trouble-free from '94, when purchased, until '07, when she traded it for her Mini (horrible little car) after 190K miles. Wish the rest of the car had been so trouble-free.:thumbsdn:

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