Topping D30 no official Xmos Windows 10 drivers

Discussion in 'DACs' started by Keltere, Oct 27, 2018.

  1. Keltere

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    EDIT: found it

    Hi, i wanted to warn all of you of this problem and maybe help me finding a solution.

    Here what you get if you try to install the official drivers on windows 10 (Build 1809)
    The problem is the windows 10 driver signature if you disable it permanently (here a guide how to do it) you can use the drivers distributed by Topping but personally i don't want to do it.
    I've tried the demo version of the official xmos demo drivers 4.11 (xhra-2hpa) and those are working just fine (except the annoying beep every 1 minute) because the Product ID and the Vendor ID are the same as the Evaluation boards distributed by Xmos.

    I've contacted Topping and they told me, because of having the same Vendor ID and Product ID, the supplier can't provide an official driver update and they can just correct them on next revision of topping D30.
    The main problem is the lack of ASIO compatibility, i don't know if there are other differences compared to general windows 10 drivers.
    On another forum I've heard of a cracked xmos driver but i couldn't find it.

    Please if someone has a solution write it down in the comments, it will be really helpful.
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  2. HypnoToad

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    Melbourne, Australia
    So you found a signed driver for Win 10 to use with the Topping D30, good work!
  3. hypertone

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    Vancouver Island
    I had the same problem. I found a driver that worked

    After some research, I saw mentioned somewhere that the Windows 10 1607 build recognized it without issue, so I actually re-imaged using the 1607 iso and it was recognized instantly. It still works fine after installing all the latest patches through Windows Update too, and has been rock solid. Not sure why newer releases don't support it out of the box....Windows is still Windows when it comes to USB audio I guess. The same DAC was plug and play in OSX and Volumio.
  4. dewdude

    dewdude High on resolution. Subscriber

    Manassas, VA
    My Win10 found drivers for my SMSL M8..which uses XMOS reference drivers automatically.

    Fresh install...plugged DAC up...had sound.
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