TPA 3116 vs the tripaths

Discussion in 'New Gear - Values' started by Poultrygeist, Feb 11, 2014.

  1. 45rpmspinner

    45rpmspinner Well-Known Member

    Makes sense.
    The preamp I opened up is voltage convertible. Thus a 500mA fuse for 220-240 operation, or a 1A for 110-120.
    I thought that 1A fuse looked like it might be from the factory.

    In that case, I'll stick with a 1A for my Guanzo.


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  2. Poultrygeist

    Poultrygeist Lunatic Member

    I used a 1A slow blow fuse in both 6n3 tube preamps.
  3. Vaughn

    Vaughn AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Bellingham, WA
    Thanks for the input everyone, I'll go with a 1A
  4. StevenZ

    StevenZ Texas or nothin' Subscriber

    San Antonio, TX
    Would anyone with the Nobsound passive be able to post an internal pic? Really curious to see what's all in there.
  5. Poultrygeist

    Poultrygeist Lunatic Member

    If it opened from the top I would but it has a front and rear screw on plates. It wouldn't be easy to duplicate as the input switching is electrical instead of mechanical and that's the reason it's powered. Saw them on eBay for $49.
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  6. 45rpmspinner

    45rpmspinner Well-Known Member

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  7. Poultrygeist

    Poultrygeist Lunatic Member

    This thread has now reached over one million views, 7,487 posts and in less than four years.

    It says a lot about the popularity of these good sounding and inexpensive amps.
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  8. CKDC

    CKDC AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Or maybe we needed a lot of help figuring them out?
  9. john111/LZ

    john111/LZ Lunatic Member

    Listening to Trilok Gurtus band on the D+ and couldnt be more involved in the music.:):):)
    This thread is excellent:beatnik:
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