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  1. DanBoy24

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    Hi Guys

    I have an SC-LX58 receiver and I want to take advantage of the 12v trigger to switch an Emotiva 5 channel power amp on/off. I've just ordered a mono 3.5mm male to male cable for this so hopefully this will arrive shortly. My questions are;

    1. The receiver has two 12v trigger sockets labled 1 and 2. Are they both outputs or is one of them an input?
    2. Reading the instructions it talks about going into a sub menu and specifying the input function which will switch on the trigger (Main, Zone 2, Zone 3, HD Zone, Off). I don't use additional zones as I just output to the TV/speakers in my lounge, so do I set this to Main?
    3. Once set will the Emotiva amp then turn on from stand by once the SC-LX58 is turned on?


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  3. DanBoy24

    DanBoy24 New Member

    Thanks Watthour

    That link doesn't open for me unfortunately. If it is the link to the PDF manual for this receiver I already read it but it isn't clear (to me anyway).
  4. DanBoy24

    DanBoy24 New Member

    To answer my own questions
    1. Both are outputs
    2. For my setup I just had to specify MAIN as this is the only zone I use
    3. The power amp turns on and off as the receiver turns on and off
    A couple of notes.
    1. I used a mono 3.5mm jack cable. I didn't try a stereo cable as this was specified in the Pioneer manual.
    2. I had to set the trigger to work with each receiver input. Initially I went into the Input Setup Menu and selected the SAT/CABLE input which turned the power amp on and off as expected. However when the receiver was set to DVD input, turning it on and off had no affect on the power amp. I had to go back into the menu and select the DVD input this time, then set the trigger the same as before to output to the MAIN zone. Now regardless of whether the reciever is set to SAT/CABLE or DVD, when I turn it off the power amp switches to standby mode. Presumably this would need to be set for each input on the receiver?
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