Tripod recommendations?

Discussion in 'Cameras and Photography' started by mhedges, Feb 1, 2018.

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    My Zomei showed up yesterday. I'm pretty pleased with it, especially for the price ($50 or so). It's nearly all metal construction, and after playing with it for a bit it sure seems like the ball head will be much easier to adjust/fine tune than the head on my old Quantary. I kinda wish there were a couple more "clicks" on the leg adjustment - they are pretty stiff so you aren't just stuck with the ratcheted positions but it would have been nice to have one more click which brought the legs closer together when working in very tight spots.

    As usual for Chinese stuff instructions are very poor. It's not a super complicated thing but still a bit more information wouldn't hurt. Particularly on the ball head. I'm still not sure why it seems to have 2 knobs which release the ball - one of which has numbers marked on the side, like for fine adjustment. Maybe that one is for friction and the other is to lock it down? I gotta mess with it some more.


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