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Discussion in 'Tuners' started by bully, May 22, 2003.

  1. Ref3a

    Ref3a New Member


    I have two, both Luxman´s, first t-530 and other t-50a. First one sounds clearly better, but the second one is more beautiful.

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  2. hifiaudio

    hifiaudio AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Hi all would anyone have a diagram for stringing the dial cord for a Luxman R-1040 I have one of these receivers and trying to get it back on it's feet again.

  3. aileenamegan

    aileenamegan Super Member

    Germany, Frankfurt area
  4. mjkelshaw

    mjkelshaw New Member

    Torquay England
    I've just renewed my 'log-in' having been 'elsewhere' for a couple of years.
    Currently I am using a Linn Kremlin (downstairs) and a Leak Stereofetic in my 'man-cupboard' (small, allegedly 3rd bedroom in a modern house).
    I also have:-
    Creek T-40
    Meridian 504
    Quad FM3
    Quad FM4 (serviced but unfortunately still in need of further attention)
    Sugden R21 x 2 (both in need of a total re-build)
    The current 'cupboard' system consists of Quad 44 / Modified 303 / Celestion SL6s / Meridian 200/203 plus 3 turntables.
    I haven't had the time to really search this forum yet, but I'm trying to find information regarding the wooden sleeve which I believe was originally supplied as an 'extra' for the 'Stereofetic'. Ideally I would like to find an original, however I would be happy to receive info. / images etc., which would clarify the original sleeves construction details or if the sleeves had any provision for ventilation?

    Mike Kelshaw
  5. doug s.

    doug s. Super Member

    note the dimensions w/and w/o the case, from the manual found here:

    images of a troughline cabinet here (same h/w; slightly different depth, according to the manual from hifiengine):


    doug s.
  6. mjkelshaw

    mjkelshaw New Member

    Torquay England
    Hi Doug,
    Thank you for your prompt reply and 'links'.
    I had 'looked' on Vinyl Engine previously, but I didn't notice the dimensions 'with / without sleeve' - nor would I even think of subtracting one from the other - DOH!! - a clear sign of the onset of senility!
    The images were particularly useful - it would appear that the 'sleeve' was constructed from plywood with a veneer, and they also clearly show the ventilation 'slots'.
    Thanks once again.


    Mike Kelshaw
  7. mjkelshaw

    mjkelshaw New Member

    Torquay England
    Just a quick 'update' regarding my quest for a 'wooden sleeve' for my 'Stereofetic', I recently managed to purchase another 'Fetic complete with a sleeve.
    Unfortunately the 'threaded' hole in the rear panel of my original tuner appears to be 'cross threaded' and as a result the sleeve 'securing bolt' from the 'new' one doesn't screw-in.
    I assume it would be an 'imperial' size - something similar in size to a 2BA, therefore would one of the 'members' know what the actual thread size & type is, so that I may purchase a suitable 'tap'?
    Currently I can't locate either my caliper or 'thread gauge' - they were 'safely' packed away for the 'house move' - Doh!!


    Mike Kelshaw
  8. doug s.

    doug s. Super Member

    i dunno the size, but you can always take the screw to the hardware store where you're gonna buy the tap, and see what fits it... ;)

    doug s.
  9. audiomagnate

    audiomagnate AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Zenith 9H20LZ1 a surprisingly good performing console pull in a custom made component case
    Dynaco FM-3 the people's tuner
    Kenwood KT-615 OK I guess
    Sony ST-80F I love the looks and the performance
    Akai AT-93 Reference Master the smartest tuner ever made
    Audio Dynamics T-2000E Now there's a rare bird
    Pioneer F-91 in my main system, fantastic sound, superb bass, dead quiet on weak stations
    Last edited: Apr 1, 2016
  10. eickmewg

    eickmewg AK Subscriber Subscriber

    In order of acquisition, and currently owned:

    Dynaco FM-3 - Very nice, love the tube sound
    Proton 440 - nice and quiet
    Rotel RT-990BX - my favorite, very musical
    Luxman T-240 - our in the garage system
  11. gizzyman47

    gizzyman47 Super Member

    can't remember if I responded to this thread already so here's what I have.
    Sansui TU-9900
    Sansui TU-717
    Sansui TU-517
    Rotel RT-1024
    Setton TUS-600
    Pioneer TX-9500ll

    DOBIEGUY AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Woodhaven N.Y.
    Presently in rotation is a Fisher Series 80R. A dozen mixed Teles', Mullards and Fisher tubes.
    Mono FM radio, as good as it gets. Sunday afternoon Jazz on WBGO 88.3 makes it even better!

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  13. Bully82

    Bully82 New Member

    In no particular order:
    Sony ST-S555ES Missing audio output adapter cable; had to mod for RCA jacks out. Nice.
    Sony ST-J55 Ok for an unknown cheapie. You cannot turn muting off in Stereo mode, which I dislike.
    Yamaha T-85 Bought with known problem; had to fix it. No critical listening yet.
    Yamaha TX-900 Like it. The CTS auto-tuning is annoying on weak stations - I store weak stations in memory with CTS OFF.
    Yamaha TX-550 Good features for a cheapie mid-line tuner (wide/narrow IF and blend) Bought with display lights burned out. Modded for different voltage replacements. Remote controllable with generic remote from Walmart.
    Marantz ST-54 Very sensitive. Styling has not aged well (and I'm being nice).
    Sansui TU-717 One of the prettiest ever. Great tuning knob feel.
    Technics ST-C04 Very small (narrow) and will fit in places other gear won't. Low-end tuner, but adequate performance - i.e., it's not a toy.
  14. Bill56

    Bill56 AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Norfolk, MA
    McIntosh MR65B
    Scott 350B
    Scott 350C
    Bogen FM 50

    Solid State
    Sansui TU-717
    Nikko Gamma 1 (silver)
    Dynaco AF-6

    I plan on selling off all but the TU-717 and Scott 350B in the near future but I do love that Gamma 1
  15. TForan

    TForan AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Traverse City Mi
    I have only a Yamaha T-2 which just came back from Mike. Just killer!
  16. 70GTO

    70GTO Active Member

    Newark , De
    Just cleaned up my Yamaha CT 810. Was in storage for 15 years. Sounds as awesome as it did in the 80's. Picks up signals with dipole in my basement sound room.
  17. Ricktptman

    Ricktptman AK Subscriber Subscriber

    United States
    Okay, I'm in....but these are distributed into systems here and there. I have a few "on the shelf". I've got one on the way-the F-28-I'm hoping to post a new thread about the "sideways" published stats between it and the F-26, a case can be made that neither was meant to be the "first runner up" to the other. I'm surprised nobody's noticed it. Here goes:

    In order of preferred quality with RF performance weighted to 52% and SQ 48%. I'm including the receivers....

    Pioneer Elite F-93 (Two....both terrific!)
    Pioneer TX-9500 II (fed by the same rooftop antenna)
    Pioneer TX-9800 (storage)
    Pioneer Elite F-91 (with a neat but mysterious mod-a cable exiting the back of the tuner with a six pin plug connection that's not readily identifiable. It's in storage and I need to drag it out and trace the leads back to their contact points.)
    Pioneer F-449 (workshop)
    Pioneer F-90 (storage)
    Pioneer SX-1980
    Pioneer SX-1280
    Pioneer SX-1080
    Pioneer SX-980 (storage-it needs a power switch)

    I've bought and sold a bunch of 580's, 680's, 780's for friends and students, back before they started getting pricey. No 880's though. (They don't seem to be common around here unless they're burnt to a crisp. Maybe that means there's a ton that were never cast off in the first place, hard to say...)
    I've bought and sold a bunch of other tuners, just to find out what the rest of the field has to offer, and always come back to Pioneer, but I get the attraction for many of them. They include (partial):

    Magnum-Dynalab-FT-101A (Great RF, not great sound, at least my sample....)
    Carver TX-11a-(bought new, Great RF, decent sound)
    H-K Citation Fourteen-I bought it with a return option and it had a very brittle early "transistor" sound that spooked me, so I pulled the rip cord....I doubt it was representative....
    Yamaha T-2 (Storage) It sounds really attractive, but not as sensitive as the published specs led me to expect...
    Kenwood KT-990-I'm newly appreciative of how much more deeply involved in the transmitter/receiver business KW is, but that said, my sample of this tuner was wretched. I suspect somebody got into it before me and managed to screw up the stereo pilot discriminator. It was mono all the way and nothing I tried could get it back into stereo. Maybe it got modded by a lightning strike.....
    Carver TX-2-It was my FIRST component tuner. It was all I could afford at the time in the way back. Not bad....it physically reminds me of the Pioneer TX-1000D with Bob's ACCD strapped on....
    Last edited: Apr 25, 2016
  18. Punker X

    Punker X AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Panic in Detroit
    This tuner should be extremely sensitive. Most of the time a proper alignment including checking the actual IF frequency and resetting the Digital board to match as described in the service manual is required to get the most out of this tuner.
  19. Ricktptman

    Ricktptman AK Subscriber Subscriber

    United States
    Thanks for posting, Mike. I've read many of your posts and it's obvious you're a great asset here. I tweaked it after I got it and that improved it considerably from its "in storage for decades" state. It's just not crazy sensitive, particularly in Stereo, at least by comparison. My T-2 is also just a bit temperature drift prone. I had it hooked up in my workshop for a long time or I otherwise would have never noticed it. The F-90 and 449 are both in the same place (it's not heated or cooled unless I'm there, heat where I am is way worse than cold, but cold affects the Yammie much more than the others...) so the T-2 got rotated out. I had replacing a core or two (where do you find them?) and doing that model car Red touch up of the meter needles on my list of things to do and I've just let it slide by the wayside. Too much to do when the weather's nice.....
  20. soundiz

    soundiz New Member

    Got the tuner bug about two years ago while on the quest to replace/upgrade the stereo system I had for 35 years.

    Current keepers:
    Accuphase T-100 (Punker X refurb)
    Mitsubishi DA-F20 (NOS 2015)
    Mcintosh MR78 (Mark Wilson refurb)

    Accuphase sounds great. I'm constantly amazed by the Mitsubishi DA-F20 which was bought NOS for $300 last year and is unmodded. The Mcintosh is the goto when reception is a challenge and its sound is more than passable to my ears.

    Tried out but let go:
    Sony ST5000FW (twice)
    Onkyo T9
    Pioneer TX-9800
    Sony ST-A6b (twice)
    Sony ST-5130
    Mcintosh MR71
    Accuphase T-101 (twice)
    Accuphase T-107
    Luxman T-117

    Read good things about the ones that were let go, some were worked on and some weren't but overall the keepers sounded better (Accuphase T-100, Mitsubishi DA-F20) or in the case of the Mcintosh pulled stations, and reduced noise better.

    Haven't told the wife but I'm probably not done experimenting. On the lookout for Scott 310E, Sherwood s3000 IV/V, Fisher 200B/1000, Mcintosh MR67, Sansui TU9900/919, Marantz 20/20B, Revox B760, Audiolab 8000T, Philips AH6731.
    Any opinions on which of these would best the Accuphase T-100 or Mitsubishi DA-F20 for sound (stereo separation, frequency response, distortion, signal/noise)?

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