TV dac better than bluesound node 2 dac???

Discussion in 'DACs' started by no_sound, Oct 6, 2018.

  1. no_sound

    no_sound New Member

    how is it possible?

    i just came home with a bluesound and it took me only 5 min to set it up...

    it only took no more than 5 seconds to dislike the sound....before, i was using WDTV , dignal then sent to TV which has its analog out (tv has a dac) and then sent to my amplifier.

    great sound.. but require to turn on tv to operate...

    i bpught the blue sound for that reason.. ease of us... but i can not keep it because of this poor sound quality.

    how to explain the sound.. it is like listening to something with a very crappy power conditioner..mudding allsound.

    i.e.: when the guitarist move his hand, we should hear his hand sliding.. on the node 2,is diminished... there is also somekind of upper reverb sound stage closer to s logitech computer speaker grade...

    so my question , is it possible for a built-in tv dac beat the bluesound node in term of quality?

    glad i bough it where they can take it back. i don"t think the u it is deffective..

    part of me want to keep it..but the other part force me to return it and get a different brand.

    but there aren't many... wxc-50, sonos, arcam...
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  2. RichPA

    RichPA Don't drive angry Staff Member Super Mod Subscriber

    That sounds to me like a connection problem of some kind. Are you using an ethernet connection, or an optical cable to the Bluesound?
  3. Audiofreak71

    Audiofreak71 Boerboelicious Subscriber

    Very unlikely a tv Dac would be better than a stand alone Dac , like Rich said it sounds like a connection problem, check your connections.

  4. no_sound

    no_sound New Member

    no...not a connection issue.. i also tested on other equipment...i also took a different approach.. same result. The dac on the blue sound node 2 is cleaning the low a little too much. after talking to a couple of people who have a good experience with sound..

    there is something in the dac that i don’t like.. is it the burrbrown or the bluesound...i can’t tell... its difficult to put in words on a forum like this.. but the bluesound dac does not render the type of sound that i like. too artificial and somehow the clarity appears fake and the tone slightly off..

    and to make sure it wasn’t me i went to place and listen to 5 other dac ranging from $300 to $15000 and i saw the difference.

    the $15000 one was the best (i did not know the price when i tested it)

    it seems the more you pay for a dac the better the sound is.. and because i'm used to high quality sound...and because i have an ok amp (mcintosh) i should look for a better balanced match..

    im sure the bluesound node 2 is a good streamer for its value... but it wasn’t a good match for my system.
  5. mjw21a

    mjw21a Super Member

    Brisbane, Australia
    I don't like the sound signature of Burr Brown DAC's. Stereotypical 90's Hi-Fi sound for me.

    Philips TDA1543 and ESS Sabre are tied in my view One soft, natural and organic sounding, the other digital and hyper detailed. AKM chips for me strike the middle ground between musicality/tone and detail. I think the S.M.S.L Sanskrit PRO-B is the best value unit available. Put a Boyuu Reisong 1:2 SUT in line after it and you get magical results. Highs that have a shimmering/sparkling quality and the impression of added transparency all around.

    I'm using Litz copper RCA's with Amphenol connectors with mine .if you want to smooth out the highs a little then use Neotech UPOCC instead.

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