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Two issues- are they connected?

Discussion in 'Digital Sources' started by Metalhed, Feb 10, 2018.

  1. Metalhed

    Metalhed New Member

    I have noticed on a couple of occasions recently that my Vector Research VCD 900 is lit up without anyone actually turning it on. Today I attempted to play a new CD and found that the unit would not read the TOC. I pulled the cover and went through some of the troubleshooting in the pinned thread here but not finding an "aha" reason. Not being savvy with electronic innards, I'm turning to the combined knowledge base here. Could there be a connection between the two issues? I really want to save this piece if I can.


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  2. olson_jr

    olson_jr Beware of cake hoarders & soft shoe shufflers Subscriber

    Pilgrim Hills Michigan
    It would not read the TOC on the new CD or it will not read the TOC on any CD?

    Big difference.
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  3. Metalhed

    Metalhed New Member

    Sorry. It would not read any CD. Display shows 0 for the track count and nothing for index. Once open I discovered that the disc would spin rapidly for a time of 30 seconds or more then stop. If i closed the tray empty the drive would spin for a couple seconds then stop.
  4. onanysunday

    onanysunday AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Mark the original position of your "TG" potentiometer or laser tracking adjustment (if it has one) and ever so slightly turn it clockwise while it struggles to read the TOC. If it starts to read the disc much faster with a small adjustment then leave it. If you find that your adjustments are not making any improvement then revert back to the original marking at the factory setting you created.

    If this doesn't work, do the same procedure for the "FG" adjustment or focus gain adjustment on the laser as well. Marking it, and increase ever so slightly. Revert back if no improvement.

    If the laser does not start reading after these adjustments then it is shot.

    I do not think your other issue is related to your laser issue. Also, I'm not sure what the cause for that maybe, although it couldn't hurt to spray your power button switch with some electrical contact cleaner or deoxit.

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