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Two super guys

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by thxdave, Sep 12, 2018.

  1. thxdave

    thxdave Lava Lamp repairman

    I only recently found out about the Feedback forum so I'm WAY late in thanking two great AK members, @Leestereo and @wlhd1610. Ben guided me through my first Marantz rebuild and spent a bunch of time keeping me from blowing things up not to mention the help with parts selection. Bob gave me parts for a 2245 that I could not locate anywhere else and refused to let me pay him.

    This is the kind of help you can't get anywhere else but AK and I want to thank these two members SO much for their help and kindness. I only hope I can learn enough to repay other members.



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  2. wlhd1610

    wlhd1610 Penny and her new friend Sponsor Subscriber

    Catskill NY
    Thanks Dave ,just trying to spread some karma since it's been so good to me!


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