unbalanced to balanced conversion?

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    Old thread, may be irrelevant now, but...

    I agree with Whoaru, but would say "decent RCA cables", on a 30-ft run, should be at least double-shielded and one of the shields should be continuous foil. Gaps in the normal braid let RFI leak in, like holes in a ship's hull — not an issue with the normal 3-ft run, but very loud when multiplied times 10. I used Mogami's best-quality interconnect cable for 26-ft runs and the hum was intolerable. Switched to cable with a foil shield under the braid and it was silent.

    TV / Internet cable companies install miles of cable, highly susceptible to outside interference: such a length is an antenna. They use cable with continuous foil shielding, plus an additional four layers of braided shield around it.
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    And they also have distribution amplifiers so they can run that cable those distances.
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    And actually some RG6 quad shield with some F-connector to RCA adapters would make a good inexpensive long run interconnect, if flexibility is not an issue.

    Even better would be if you could find some RCA ends for RG6, I've never looked for same. But a quick google says they exist, although if you don't have cable tools the investment might be too much.
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