Up to date (2017) Pioneer SX-1050 recap list and more

Discussion in 'Pioneer Audio' started by Stevescivic, Aug 23, 2017.

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    Can the kind and super experienced folks on AK please review my list of parts I've ordered for my SX-1050 rebuild project?

    MTF/TSD71 and MattSD have provided me with either older or more recent lists of parts that can be ordered from Mouser and I've gone through the list a few times and MattSD has even skimmed over my list and have pointed out at least 1 mistake in my list. How the list is structured is fairly straight forward. It shows the original Pioneer part # or value of component, the part # suggested by MTF from several years ago, MattSD's suggested replacement part and the last column shows what I actually ordered.

    I would've likely used MattSD's list had I not pulled the "click to order" button before receiving his list. Long story short I had to do a comparison of what Mark and Matt had suggested to see how my ordered lined up to their suggestions. Column F (highlighted in green) are the items that I ordered and MattSD has flagged a transistor in the protection circuit (highlighted in orange) that is an UNSUITABLE replacement.

    I'm specifically concerned with the transistor/diodes and resistor replacements. I normally do not replace transistors and heaven forbid if I install one of them and blow up my receiver as a result of an incorrect part.

    Although I'm certain that 99% of the items I've ordered are in fact good (remember column F is what I purchased). I am asking AK'ers to help point out other parts of concern that should be replaced with something more suitable?

    Many thanks,

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    This will be a great help, thank you...
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    You’re most welcome! I am listening to my 1050 as I type this. I have two 1050 receivers side by side with the second unit about 10% complete in its restoration.

    The list is UP TO DATE as of October 9th, 2017. All components were ordered from Mouser.

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