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Discussion in 'General Audio Discussion' started by reydelaplaya, Mar 13, 2018.

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    Hi folks!!

    Tonight I've been going through my old CD collection that's been stored in boxes - most of which are remains of my collection started in middle/high school ('90 grad).

    I've been simultaneously importing lossless in iTunes while also adding them to my Discogs list. And until tonight, I've only used discogs on my iphone through safari, so I've never seen the column of Low/Med/High price ranges they give on stuff - kinda cool that it does that when using a computer.

    Now here's the crazy part... Out of all this old 80s / 90s music on CD, PLUS the original albums I have on LP dating back to 1962, according to Discogs, the single most "valuable" item I have added so far in my music collection is... (jeez, i'm even embarrassed to say it, but hey, it was high-school, I was a kid, my parents would've died! LOL)

    Move Somethin' by Two Live Crew - XR-101, the original press CD from 1988.
    Yes, *hangs head* THAT Two Live Crew.

    Hey, cut me some slack. We were kids. I had a car with T-Tops and a very nice stereo system. We liked to take the tops off and go cruising around 'uptown' where all the other kids would drive around in circles from one end to the other and back, showing off clean cars and loud stereos until the cops would get after us for pointlessly driving in circles playing crap music because we were cool like that.;)


    (looked identical to that one... that was a great car btw, finally died of irrecoverable rust at the rear shock mounts at 286,000 miles - engine still purred)

    Second and third place are Astrud Gilberto - Music of Eastern, a little one sided promo 7" record that was tucked inside my Images In Flight, and my Pet Shop Boys Very/Relentless special edition double CD which is still about as mint as it could be almost 25 years later. That one, I'd like to actually have mounted and framed in one of those double CD display cases - there aren't many of those left, and it would look good behind glass on black velvet.

    Anyway, nothing else at the moment besides that. Just thought I'd share how a purchase I made back in 88ish, which my parents would've definitely thrown away if found, has actually become a bit of an obscure collectors' item. LOL

    Have a good night. :)


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  2. SA-708

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    NE Tennessee
    The non-box-set item I have with the highest value (of those I have entered in Discogs; there are plenty more to go) is the UK first edition LP on Action Records of The Real New Fall LP Formerly 'Country On The Click' , a 2003 album by The Fall. Looking at the pricing data, sales prices have been going up over the last couple years, and all the sales prices look to have been in Euros.

    Funny thing is, I bought it out of a clearance bin at The Disc Exchange in Knoxville back in 2007, on my way through town on a business trip, paying well under retail. Never knew it would become a collector's item.

    I wonder how much of the scarcity of the Two Live Crew CD is due to parents taking them away from their kids and throwing them away.
  3. crazy-in-az

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    Kingman, Arizona
    According to Discogs, my most valuable LP (if it was in excellent condition) would be my mono copy of Miles Davis's "Round About Midnight", closely follwed by Cake's "Fashion Nugget". I bought the former for a dollar or two and the latter for something like 25 cents.

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