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Discussion in 'New Gear - Values' started by chromewaves, Nov 15, 2018.

  1. chromewaves

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    My current system is built around Rega Brio-R powering Dynaudio Excite X18s, sources being a Rega P3-24 with Exact cartridge for vinyl, Rega Apollo-R for CD, and Google Chromecast into Topping D30 DAC for Spotify (and TV optical into Fiio D3 DAC for video). I’ve got the notion that my speakers would be better served by a more powerful amplifier, but am having some difficulty coming up with a shortlist of candidates.

    I like the Brio-R, so the natural progression would seem the Elex-R, but my research indicates that it’s not THAT big a step up from the Brio - only 113W into 4ohm vs 73W - with the same phono stage and sonic signature. Considering I’d be dropping upwards of $1500 for a used one, (or $1k after what I’d get for selling the Brio), I’m not sure it’s worth it, especially since I’m not normally cranking the system so that the Brio audibly struggles. The Elicit-R is out of my budget.

    Am I underestimating the Elex-R? If not, what are my other options? I keep coming back to the Hegel H90, though I’d need to buy a phono stage (but could ditch the Topping DAC). The new Arcam SA20 seems to be a contender though the couple reviews I’ve read have just been okay, and they’re not yet available in North America as far as I can tell. I’m not sure how the Peachtree Nova150 compares as it seems to be more of a digital-first design, and that’s my lowest priority as a source. UK brands like Exposure, Musical Fidelity, and Audiolab have candidates but are tough to source in Canada so I’d likely be buying sound unheard, so obviously I’m wary there. The only Simaudio options in my price range are also only 50W, so not worth the cost. Naim is an option but I’d also need to cost in buying a phono stage. Mind a new phono stage could be in play anyways if I upgrade my P3-24 to a P6 with Ania MC cart, but that’s another discussion.

    The Parasound Hint 6 seems to check all my boxes, but is outside my prescribed budget. Though maybe I should just keep saving…?

    Budget is presently around $2k CDN, though it could move if I talked myself into it. In no particular rush to make a purchase, just want to refine my thinking.


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  2. arclight73

    arclight73 Addicted Member

    You might want to take a look at the Rotel RA-1572. Rotel and Dynaudio work very well together.
  3. Pythonman

    Pythonman Active Member

    Keep saving for the Parasound HINT! I upgraded to all Parasound Halo gear from the wonderful Brio-R myself. I went with the A21 amp, P5 preamp and JC3+ phono preamp however, the P5 phono preamp section IS fantastic. The JC3+ is on another planet altogether but, that’s what I wanted lol. The HINT has been given the coveted Class A Stereophile rating for a very good reason.
    Another very good choice right now which is several hundred bucks cheaper than the HINT is a special going on at Upscale audio for a NAIM preamp/amp combination package for just under $2300 and normally $5900 I think. All brand new full warranty pieces NAIM has discontinued.
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