Used Rega Apollo or new Schiit Modi Multibit Quandry

Discussion in 'Digital Sources' started by buckstir, Sep 2, 2017.

  1. buckstir

    buckstir "ain't no devil, just God when he's drunk" tw Subscriber

    hour north of Seattle
    Currently have a nice Teac CD-H750 .... really no complaints ... it has an optical out ... it also bested a Cambridge Audio 840C head to head to my ears ... more body to the sound.

    Upgrade urge has infected my brain yet again!

    Have always been curious about the Rega Apollo ... can get a used one in the $450 range from multiple sellers (not the R version) ... read numerous positive reviews ... and I like the form factor.

    Or .... feed the Teac as a transport into a new Schiit Modi Multibit for $250.

    This would be for redbook cd's only ... do not use streaming or computer files.

    Wildcard would be a non sampling, non filtered Pro-ject DAC Box S FL for $222
    clearance at Audio Advisor ... but very few reviews ... allegedly made for redbook cd improvement.

    Both used Apollo and Modi would be returnable. (Apollo at TMR)... if no improvement over Teac.

    Modi would open up possibility of streaming etc... if I choose to wander down that road.

    Apollo might reap better sound over the Teac.

    Advice ... thoughts ... suggestions ????


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  2. Condorsat

    Condorsat Audio Enthusiast

    I picked up a Schiit Modi Uber (not MB) last December for my mains audio/video rig ... was purchased for entry level streaming primarily (USB). Comes w/ 3 inputs (USB, Optical & Coax).
    Was not planing on using the other inputs.

    Anyway ... long story short ... curiosity got the best of me ... hooked up the optical (Dish Hopper DVR) & Digital Coax to my old Universal DVD player(Cambridge Audio DVD89).
    The DVD player was always good sounding to my ears but was definitely taken to another level on my concert DVD(s) ... same w/ the optical (TV) ... was using RCA out of Hopper prior to this.

    IMHO ... the Schiit MB would be a better choice ... primarily on versatility alone (multiple inputs).
    If I had known I was going to get as much use out of the Modi .. would have opted for MB.

    Was curious about the Rega Apollo some years ago myself .... went w/ the AH! Njoe Tjoeb 4000 CD Player ... nice sounding player but rarely use it today ... changing times and what not.
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  3. davidb1

    davidb1 AK Subscriber Subscriber

    Sandy Springs GA
    My Modi MB bested my 10+ year old JOB (Goldmund) DA48, which bested my stock Marantz CD63SE.
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  4. automojo

    automojo OurBandCouldBeYourLife Subscriber

    The MB Modi is awesome, and will be more detailed than the Box S FL.
    If your looking for a fluid, full analog sound, go with the Project.
    A lot of it depends on your system as well.
    I picked one up recently from a estate sale.. still in the box, and I have to say I'm finding myself listening to it more and more.
    With my AMT3's it sounds very good.
    (I also have a Maverick audio on the way to compare it to.)
    It's really a tossup.
    Unless you're willing to spend two or $3000+ on a DAC, those seem to be the compromises you have with the lower cost units.
    But for under $500, you could buy both units and just swap them out as you needed.
    For myself personally, I'm starting to find i'm preferring the fluid analog like sound to the hyper detail.
    The Great Heils probably have something to do with it, because they can extract a lot of air and openess that you normally don't get from all speakers.
    So... too much of a good thing I think is what I'm running into.
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  5. sqlsavior

    sqlsavior AK Subscriber Subscriber

    EspaƱola NM
    The Rega Apollo (original) is the first CD player I really liked. It inspired me to get a Rega Saturn (original), but I ended up preferring the Apollo's sound.

    Haven't heard the Modi.

    If, as you say, the Apollo is returnable, I'd give it a try, seriously. :)
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  6. lightcapture

    lightcapture Active Member

    The Rega will have a warm analogue sound for a CD player from past experience. Not heard the Schiits DAC but I suspect it will have a more detailed and thinner presentation in comparison.


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