Using RX-460 to control an MX600 possible?

Discussion in 'Yamaha' started by Gern, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. Gern

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    I've been bitten by the home stereo bug , as a young man I couldn't afford a thing, and I went through the Bose Lifestyle thing later in life, love it for the u-music, but that's where the love affair ends, and have decided it's time for a decent older system.

    A customer of mine gave me a Yamaha RX-460 a little over a year ago, which was probably a bad thing in hind site !
    Soon after, I found a CDC-625 on the cheap, and used them as a garage system with a clean pair Pioneer CS-722A speakers and it was just fine for that.
    As I bring the system in each fall due to the extreme cold in northern WI, this year is different, it's time to begin building an older Yami system for inside.

    I started with Pioneer HPM100's & HPM60's to a/b [which will likely change at some point] along with a Yamaha MX600 amp.

    I will eventually replace the carousel cd player with a CDX-1000u or better.
    Though Eq's are generally frowned upon, I was given a clean EQ-1100U and will give it a try.

    So finally getting to my question, can I use the RX425 to control the MX600 until I obtain a CX-800U/1000 or the like ? The receiver does not have pre outs, but does have the tape record outs. This will be short term, so until I find the "Right" pre amp and tuner , I would like to utilize the system.

    I had initially considered simply going with the RX-1100U , but as a musician I realize the benefits of using an amp and pre amp as opposed to a receiver.

    Any thoughts?



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  2. avionic

    avionic " Black Knights " F-15 Eagle Keeper Subscriber

    Fort Dodge, Iowa
    Not with any satisfaction. Better off going directly into the power amp with the CDC. And use the input attenuator controls on the MX to control the volume.
  3. Gern

    Gern New Member

    I kind of figured that. All be it a VERY temporary situation, seems every time that I am looking for something , I've either missed one in the box or it's been dry and nothing is surfacing..
    I may just do an AX-900U for the time being with the CDC and take my time searching for a TX-1000U & MX-800U without breaking the bank.

    The MX-600 is local and not too bad a price, but I'd really prefer the 800.
    I waited for the speakers, so this won't be so painful :)

    Thanks for the input !

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