Using smart switches to power Halfer and Velodyne sub produces clunk.

Discussion in 'General Audio Discussion' started by Adam N., Jun 13, 2018.

  1. Adam N.

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    Northampton, MA
    I have a Hafler DH200 amp and a Velodyne sub in my garage. We use chromecast audio to supply music to all our systems. I want to use a smart switch to turn these systems on and off. The problem that I have is if I use this or a more conventional power strip to control them is that I get a "clunk" or "pop" through the speakers when they're switched on or off by using anything but the switches directly on the amp and or sub.

    We're running smart switch>power strip>components

    Components are:

    Chromecast>Rolls SX45 active crossover>Hafler and Velodyne

    The Rolls functions as the volume control and does double duty as tone control. I run the Velodyne at max and then use the Rolls to control signal to it. This has been really great for getting the sub set up without having to crawl behind it all the time.

    What's happening here? Is there a way to prevent this? Does it matter that it makes that noise? Can it damage the equipment?

    We also use the same smart switches to control tube amps in the house but we do not have that effect there.
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  2. House de Kris

    House de Kris Loud-n-Deep

    Try plugging the Rolls into the wall and have it powered on all the time. Use the switched power strip only to power on/off the amps.
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  3. sqlsavior

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    EspaƱola NM
    I know you are hoping for one-switch startup, but the traditional remedy to avoid thumps is to turn the power amp on last, and off first.

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  4. darkblue94

    darkblue94 It wasn't me. Subscriber

    Beaverton, Oregon
    This can be done with a sequential switching device. I have an Adcom ACE-515 that works nicely for this purpose. :)

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